Friday, May 31, 2013

M.A.S.K Iguana with Lester Sledge and Mudslinger mask complete review !!!!!

Hello there i'm back with my regular review of vehicles from the vintage series this time. It's M.A.S.K !!! Well this is my ongoing collection of M.A.S.K Vehicles and action figures complete !!! I will let you all know in my facebook page when i have completed at least 90 % of my M.A.S.K Collections and maybe even show you the whole feature in youtube !!! But till them it's just the reviews for the moment ... and this is Iguana a 4 wheel jeep which converts to a mobile shredder !!!!

As you can see from the above picture this vehicle is complete with Lester Sledge Action figure and his mudslinger mask.

Well as you can see from the above picture Lester sledge is comfortably seated in his mobile jeep and very well fitted into the vehicle as well.

The size and length of the vehicle is about the same as Piranha and condor meaning it's rather small.

And the above picture is Lester Sledge. The figures details are awesome !!!

Lester's Mudslinger mask which emits some kind of sticky liquid stuff which makes it slippery on the ground !!!! Well i suppose so.

The next few picture is the attack mode of Iguana which turns into a mobile shredder which has a blade in front of it just like the picture below !!!

As you can see above there is a blade at the back of iguana as well which shreds anything in it's way.

So now it's complete front blade and back blade shredder .

Oh Well the above picture just about ends it all.

I will be back for more reviews as always and one thing i must tell you is that M.A.S.K Vehicle are already obsolete and not in re-production not which i know of but you gotta get it soon as possible before all these are gone forever.

So i leave it to you to make that choice of collecting all these vintage and hard to get toys.

Cheerzz people !!!!!!!!