Friday, May 10, 2013

Transformers United Version of Beast Megatron Review !!!!!!!

Hi there people apparently i had some software problems with windows 7 but that will never stop me from doing reviews for all you great toy lovers and Transformers Fans !!!! Well let's get into it. This is the Transformers United Takara Tomy version of Beast Megatron !!! So he still bears the Decepticon Logo and not like the one he had in the actual Beast wars where he had the predacon logo instead of the Decepticon Logo. 

Well here he is Beast Megatron in robot version !!!!

Isn't he awesome looking ??? Well i really like the Purple blended with his look and his fantastic robot form !!!!

Well in the above picture you can see the decepticon logo on the side of Megatron's Leg.

And the Beast head becomes his arm which can't be removed unlike the right side of his arm which is his tail end which can be removed and his arms is actually holding the tail.

Well that we will go in depth furthur on in this post.

Well like i said earlier as you can see from the above picture i have actually removed the tail from Megatron to put it on top of his arms !!!!

And here above you can see the missile being shot from the tail end which actually opens up and is shot from his left arm. And the right beast arms shoots a strong laser from the mouth as like what it did in the Beast Wars animated series.

And the next few pictures will be the awesome Beast Mode of Megatron !!!!

If you ask me Megatron looks cool when he opens his mouth wide open in Beast mode !!!!

It just has that fierce ruthlessness in him i guess !!!!

I just had to do this pose for Beast Megatron like as though he was in the woods !!!!

Well this is an awesome pose as well if you were to ask me !!!

Well the above picture is Megatron's close up !!!! He looks exactly like the beast wars version in the animated series as well. In fact i saw that Megatron always had the same look all the while the only thing different was the colors of his Beast mode and upgraded weaponry unlike Optimus Primal who was completely changed when he was upgraded. But he still had those 2 antenna sticking out at the sides like what Optimus Prime always had.

Well with that this will be my last picture for this posting and i shall be back again. 

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I have some questions asked for this review which i would like you guys out there to give me some answers as i am not aware of myself !!!!

Please comment with your answers in this post.

Is Megatron the same guy has Galvatron or is the Beast Megatron just a descendant of Megatron and not actually Megatron like he was in Generation 1 ???

Please answer me this question ladies and gentlemen. Help will be appreciated as i am not sure of myself of the answers.

With that Cheerzzz !!!!!!