Sunday, March 31, 2013

MOTU Classics Jitsu Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hello there people i won't be much around for awhile as i taking a longer break this time from doing toy reviews at the moment. The reason is i wanna take a break that's all. Get some time off the usual thing i do to entertain all of you with my interesting posts of toy collections and action figure. But don't worry i am still around in my facebook and youtube channel as well to do random toy reviews but not so regularly at the moment. But this will be the last post for this month to sum up all my latest collections and future ongoing ones as well.

Well this is my latest action figure from the Master Of The Universe Classics.

He's called Jitsu !!!!

Jitsu has a non movable Metallic type arm as you can see here. That is the downside of this action figure but overall this hand looks cool on him. I just couldn't get this part of his hand to grab any weapon though !!!!

The back of his body as you can see as a kind of holder towards the top of his neck. This 2 holders are to hold his so called knife type of weapons. 

This is the long orange sword which comes with his package. 

Like i said to you from the earlier pictures of Jitsu's back the weapons sit in nicely towards the back holders.

I think this was one of the innovative type of holder to come with this action figure. So the long sword and this 2 mini swords are the only accessories which comes with Jitsu.

And this is the close up of Jitsu !!!! Boy his beard, lips and eyebrows are purely awesome in craftsmanship.

This i should give to Mattycollector for having such an awesomely designed figure ....

Well people i have ended the toy review and i will be back soon !!!!!

See ya !!! Enjoy !!!!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ironman 3 Assemblers Battle Vehicle Review !!!!!

Hello there people i am back with another latest toy review for all of you. This has been the talk of the toy world cos the new Iron man Movie is about to come out and the toys have been released earlier into the toy market just recently. Although i was a fan of Iron Man during the early years when he was in the animated series back in 90's the toys a decade ago were more cool to collect compared to the latest version of the Marvel toys. Well that's what i think. Well this particular vehicle and toy from the latest Iron man 3 based toys caught my eye so i decided to buy it almost immediately. And guess what i have opened it up and played with it as well so now i bring about my awesome review.

Well without furthur ado this is the Iron Man 3 Assemblers Battle Vehicle complete here in the picture shown below with all weapons accessories.

Now i shall just show you the vehicle alone which is a very cool looking car. The picture is below this post.

As far as i am concerned there is this thing about this vehicle which really makes it awesome. The design is really authentic and it has a personality of it's own as a vehicle coming from the Iron Man series.

The body is all plastic and the paint job really matches the Iron man type of personality although it's a car.

The only thing i don't get it is Iron Man is always at flight most of the time and why put a land based vehicle ??? Well i guess it was just released as part of a toy vehicle in the Iron Man series.

Here the above picture is the Iron Man figurine which comes with the vehicle as well. As you can see here his armor is kinda different in look, and moreover his legs are resting on a pair of so called Roller Blades.

As you can see from the back of Iron Man there are the roller blade wheels and a back pack which has a button to do the spring action from the car in a press of a button.

Well you will see the rest of my review what i mean.

As for the Roller blades it can be removed from Iron Man as well.

Accept the backpack which sticks onto his armor. Even the arms can be removed as well.

In the picture above as you can see there is a button on the top of the car on the back which you need to engage to open up the front part of the car. Iron Man springs out with his roller blades from the inside in so called attack mode.

The picture above is the fully equipped vehicle armed with all weapons and also with all Iron Man inside as well. The weapons can actually be put anywhere around the vehicle as there are holes around the vehicle where the weapons can be put in any suited position you like.

Well that's about it people. The picture above will be the last picture for this toy review.

I hope you all enjoyed the review as much as i had fun presenting it to you picture after picture.

This is one awesome toy i think you should get.

And hope you all follow me back very soon as i will return with more reviews soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hotwheels RC Stealth Rides Nissan 370Z Review !!!!

Hello there dear toy lovers i just got this Remote Control Edition of Hotwheels, yup you heard me right !!!! It's Hotwheels Remote control !!!! Not the usual die cast mini cars you always buy in the stores.

This edition wasn't released here in singapore. I shipped it from overseas to get this particular product.

Well it's none other then the Hotwheels RC Stealth rides Nissan 370Z Car.

Well without furthur ado i shall go on with the short review.

Yup this is the front part of the package as you can see in the above picture. 

This is the back of the package which feature the whole car and how it looks like.
It's really awesome.

The best part of this particular toy is that it fits in your pocket and it's so portable. You kids can practically bring this to school and play with your friends in class.

And now let's go to the interior of the package which holds the contents.

As you can see here the car fits into the remote control box which fits perfectly into your pocket.

Well as you can see in the picture the end part on the right is where the car is actually slot in to fit the remote control rectangular box.

As you can see in the above picture i have split up the car into it's separate contents which is what comes with the whole package.

The cell batteries shown here are extras, and the actual car and the remote control have been pre loaded with batteries so you don't have to buy extra cell batteries unless your car runs out of power.

As you can see here when i press the button on the top of the car on the pictures before the above the car becomes loaded with wheels in it's actual car mode.

The initial version i showed in my earlier picture is folded that way to fit into the rectangular remote control box. Interesting huh !!!

Here is the close up of the Nissan 370Z car. The colors and the design of this small vehicle is really awesome and boy you shouldn't miss this one.

Well the above picture will be the last for this particular toy review. Since this car is remote control i won't be able to explain to you in pictures. But i can only show you the design and the contents of this product though.

I have featured this toy in my youtube channel for review and you can see the full details there.

I have give you the lick as well so that it will redirect you to my video review link.

Hope you will enjoy my video review and i will be back for more reviews and stuff.

Cheerzz and good day people !!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Transformers Prime Beasthunters Smokescreen Review !!!!!

Hello there people i'm back with an awesome hot review of the latest toy from Transformers Prime Beasthunters series. And this guy was the most anticipated release !!!! Everybody was practically waiting for this guy to be released but it took some time !!! I waited for him for quite a long time as well.

But he has finally been released and boy is he selling fast !!!!

Well he is none other then Smokescreen !!!!

As you can see from the above pictures smokescreen is extremely cool with his colors following the same way as how he looked like in the animated series as well.

This is one of the weapons which comes with Smokescreen in the pictures above . I haven't showed you all the pictures of the bullet which goes with it just yet.

You will see more details as i go along with this review....

Look at the awesome close up of Smokescreen !!!! He looks exactly the same as what he looked like in the animated series. And boy i am happy to have him as he is the only autobot to complete the collecton of autobots from Transformers Prime. The only thing i'm wondering is why was he released in the Beasthunters Series as Beasthunters seems to be another complete storyline away from the Transformers Prime series !!!!

As you can see here in the above picture is the bullet which comes with his gun . It's actually kinda big with the web like spread out !!! Well it seems that weapons from the toys never actually follow the exact same thing as the series as well.

Well this is the fully equipped Smoke screen in the above picture shown. This comes with all the weapons and accessories all put into him as one piece. But i just wonder why the shield type of housing goes acroos his shoulders down his chest ???? But do take note that the all this accessories as you can see other then the gun itself are all soft rubbery material which won't be dangerous as they are not hard and sharp. But still you gotta be careful as they may pose some kind of danger to kids.

So adult collectors be aware.

Next will be the Vehicle mode of Smokescreen which is really awesome as well.

Smokescreen looks equally awesome in his vehicle race car mode !!!!

I think he is the best looking autobot in vehicle and robot mode from all the rest of the autobots from the Transformers Prime series don't you agree ???

As you can see here from the above picture this is the so called attack mode of Smokescreen in vehicle mode. The same accessories i showed you before are all included together in his vehicle mode as well.

Well as you can see here this is quite a neat looking attack mode of Smokescreen i would say.

Well ladies and gentlemen this will be my last picture for this review of Smokescreen !!!!!

I will be back for another review of the Transformers Prime and others from other toy lines as well.

Please take note that this guy is something you really don't wanna miss and also this would also be one of the most collectible robots from the Transformers Prime series you really gotta have in your possession. Imagine in the first week this was like the most fastest seller.

It sold out in my countries store in singapore within 4 days.

Well you gotta be fast if you saw this guy in the store cos i think he won't be back again anytime soon once he's sold out so cheerzz !!!! And hope you like my review so far .....