Monday, April 16, 2012

WWE Divas Toy Pages !!!!! My New Fanclub !!!!

Dear readers and toy enthusiasts i have now created another page for you to like at my blog in my sidebar !!!!

Hope you guys out there will post interesting stuff on this facebook pages as their for those who like WWE  Divas and the toys too as well. I'll be specially featuring my blog on all the Fans of the WWE Divas and the rare toy collectibles of the WWE Divas collections.

I'm also a great fan of WWE and the WWE Divas for a long time so i wanna extend my blog to the next phase and move on to another type of fan base for my blog as well.

Hope you like this particular fan page and please support and like the pages as well.

A Great big Divas belt as well for you guys to kick of my fan pages as well.

This will be an exciting phase for my blog for vital improvements and to take toy reviews to the next level nevertheless there will be lots of reviews of the toys and also great pictures for you too to get the best possible angle for every toy that i collect for the WWE Divas series toy line. Rest assured it's all good and cool stuff coming your way this i assure you.

Finally A big Divas belt for a better angled view. I particularly like the WWE Divas Championship Belt. There is a bling bling and a slight twist to it's unique authentic design.  so with that i'll end the review of my WWE Divas Fanclub intro. Cheerzzz people.