Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mudflap From Dark of the Moon Short Review !!!!!

It's been quite some while since i have reviewed DOTM Movie toys. Reason is because Transformers Prime came along so fast and was conquering all the toy arenas, so i had to put away all the DOTM toy reviews for other times. But rest assured i didn't forget those DOTM Toys which also made a huge impact following the movie. So i will continue with this review of the latest toy which isn't around anymore (unless you are lucky) enough to get it.

This is Mudflap. From the DOTM Movie toy line. But do take note this guy wasn't featured in this 3rd installment of the Transformers Movie Franchise.

As you can see the cool orange mixed with black colors which makes Mudflap a very unique robot that he is. Notice that for Mudflap one of his arms are bigger then the other. This is another unique feature of this toy collectible.

Just showed some cool poses of Mudflap's bigger arms like as though he is showing how cool he is. Well the idea of spreading the arms apart is to make it seem more appealing in looks for the pictures i have taken giving him a bit of character and individuality.

Notice that in this side view of the toy itself Mudflap's head can't be seen at this angle because his chest area is more broader and his head is a bit short so that makes it impossible to see his head sticking out. And even his chest area or would i say the (front part of the car) is also wider and bigger and makes him look very short (but he actually is). So Mudflap is a rather short looking character then his other allies the autobots.

As might you have noticed with the poses i have made i usually concentrate more on Mudflap's arms and upper body reason being his legs are rather short and that make's it impossible for me to move the legs to various positions as what i could do with other Character of the Transformers, especially the Transformers Prime toys.

As you can see here this is the weapon which comes with Mudflap a Big Axe looking Hammer gun !!!! Well i suppose. It fits in both part of the arms.

And this is a close up of Mudflap's Face. Looks very similar to the movie isn't it.
Hasbro deliberately released another version of Mudflap prior to the earlier release ROTF Mudflap which was completely different from this Design form the DOTM Movie version of this particular toy.

Next down here is the vehicle version of Mudflap for review.

He transforms into a car .

I particularly like this design of the car because the colors go well with the car itself and it's uniquely done and not overdone. Even the spot lights for the front of the car is consistent with the balance of the colors for the overall vehicle mode of Mudflap itself.

Like this particular logo on Mudflap the Chevrolet logo. Transformers the movie Franchise was particularly good in the effective advertising part of the car brands. This was a good very tactic to boost the Automotive market and the licenses for the toys manufactured were also required to get the license as well for the logo is bared by all the vehicle in the Transformers Movie line.

As you can see here the weapon that Mudflap hold also attaches at the top of the vehicle as well. This time around DOTM movie toys came with lots of weapon accessories then the ROTF Toy line. So you have to keep all your weapons safely so as to not get disappointed with losing them.

And lastly the sideways view of the car with the weapon attached on top of it.

Well this will be the final picture for this review as it seems.

I will go on with the Next reviews of the Transformers Prime (Robots in Disguise) New voyagers as requested by the people at my facebook and my youtube channel accordingly.

Don't worry guys i won't let you down as always.

Always keeping it real for all of you collectors and toy fans.

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