Sunday, November 27, 2011

DOTM (Deluxe) Crankcase Review

This is crankcase

A cool pose

I especially like the Middle Finger which he shows so i have made a clearer picture of him showing the middle finger !!!!

Side Angeled pose

Crankcase from behind

Crankcase holding his weapon

Another cool pose don't you think

Side ways view

A Signature pose with him showing his middle finger

By the way heard from my friend some versions of crankcase has his middle fingers being cut off !!!! Yes you heard me cut off so make sure your toy dosen't have this also if not launch a complain because crankcase isn't complete without his middle fingers ... hope you don't get ripped off like my friend did.

A Side view of Crankcase

A pose where you can see his face

An angled view of Crankcase showing his middle Finger !!!!

And a very close up shot

Yes another side view for you fans

The Hummer Mode Which Crankcase Tansforms into cool huh !!!

The More Detailed look at the Hummer

Another Side view

An overall Angled Top view

A look from behind the Hummer

Hummer Mounted with Weapon

A Side angled view of the vehicle mounted with the weapon ...

And last a side view with the weapon mounted on the Hummer

As far as i am concerned Crankcase is an important character for me i wished this was made as a voyager because of the Hummer and the toy will look much better and more cooler if you were to ask me, but nevertheless this deluxe version of the toy is also equally unique in it's creation. As a Transformers fan and collector any collector will have to collect this character because it's cool . And this is part of the movie too so it's a toy from my point of view worth collecting . More reviews coming up !!!! Cheers

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Collections Of Transformers Toys

Thought of showing you my collections of Transformers toys.
This is just my first collection i'm showing you , there's more to come and more reviews and pictures of my toys in details as what i usually do.

Hope you like my first collections .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transformers ( First Movie Recap ) Toys

Here i have my First Transformers Movie Toys which i collected when the First Transformers movie came out.
Hope you guys will recall it .

Yes it's the first time Barricade Fights Bumblebee in a classic Transformers face off !!!

This is one of the fights i like in the movie opening when 2 Actual Robots Autobot Vs Decepticon Encounter, And i personally think it's very cool.

Here in the next pic is the Close up shot of the box.

Frenzy is in the vehicle and i didn't take him out cos i just wanted to show the 2 vehicles which were in the box the first time i bought.

Hope you guys like it ..

Transformers Movie toys are always thrilling to collect and always fun to play with when you keep on seeing the movies again and again like what i'm doing myself .

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rock on Sergeant Kup

Here is Sergeant Kup Doing the Boogie

Rock on and rock Forever

Yup the cool strumming guitar Pose !!!!

And the Cool Rocker !!!!

Hop you people like this little pose and spice up i have given to the toy .

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transformers Luxury Cars

Here are the Transformers all transformered to thier luxury vehicle forms

Which kid or parent who isn't familiar with transformers toys would actually think that these luxury cars actually transforms to a robot !!!!

They are Crafted so perfectly like Model cars that toy viewers will never know its actually robots in thier alternate versions Luxury cars ....

Another angled view close up shot of Transformers Luxury Cars

Rear View 

Close up Shot

Another Close up i did for you Toy lovers .... Cool isn't it !!!

I find the car tires very cool and the wheels too

A Rear End Overall view

Thought of taking a clearer view from the side

Just a top view

Cool Rear View of Generation 1 Wheel jack !!!!

Side Rear End view again

And Finally just an angle look from the rear !!!

Wow Having Transformers toys is really fun  !!!

Although i like All Transformers toys in general i usually collect the Key characters and unusually rare ones too.

For me my personal favorites for vehicle modes are usually cars.
Cars are more cool and just nice to fit in a collection to show off the various car models in the series of toys.

Transformers toys always fascinate me cos it's fun because of the dual modes a toy lover likes. It's a vehicle and a robot !!!!

Thanks for reading my blog !!!!!

More new updates and reviews of toys coming up .... Cheers !!!!

DOTM (Deluxe) Laserbeak

This is Laserbeak

Laserbeak's Role in Transformers (DOTM) is being an infiltrator and an assasin .

He Serves Soundwave his master .

Laserbeak is always a mechanical Bird from the early times from the 80's cartoons till the latest movie (DOTM) now.

Infact the one of the main Characters Soundwave uses to do his spying with.

A rear end angled view of our well known loves assasin !!!

A side view of Lasebeak

And this is the Form he transforms into in attack or communication and infiltration mode.

The Problem with this toy is that in the movie he dosen't transform into this mode....

this particular mode is taken from the 80's version generation 1 Laserbeak which actually transforms into this mode.

But nevertheless this is actually also cool considering myself as a toy collector .

Any transformers fan will actually love this toy in general because of the character itself.

This is his 2 Weapons which will be mounted on the circular disc looking things which is at his wings.

This is the weapon mounted on our Laserbeak .

An angled view of Laserbeak with his weapons.

And finally a top view of Laserbeak 

All in all i love this toy very much and from any collectors point of view i definitely would like this toy in my collections considering his role and importance ... Laserbeak definitely shows up in any type of Transformers series be it a cartoon or animated etc.

This is simply because if Soundwave is there Laserbeak will definitely be there too.

Laserbeak kill them all'

With Pleasure !!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autobot meets Decepticon

Featured here a cool pose of Transformers toys for you Fans out there

Sergeant Kup meets Mixmaster

Hope you guys like it . Cos i certainly do .....

I'll be reviewing more toys as i keep on accumulating my existing collections.