Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transformers Generations Review (Sergeant Kup)

This is the Fantastic Sergeant Kup !!!

Sergeant Kup was known just as Kup in Generation 1. He was a part of a collection called Target master. All of you old Transformers Fans out there will be able to relate to this classic toy and maybe familiar with it's earlier Counterpart or the earlier version.

I took a sideway pose of Sergeant Kup as it seems he demands some amount of respect because of the fact that he is a classic figure and should be treated with dignity and vibrance.
Overall i like the colors of the toy as it is different from the usual Transformers toys.
But i also found out that as the years go by Transformers toys always get a color improvement when they are being reproduced and so the toy collector always stays interested and anticipates whether the new versions of the toy will come out.
Well this is one of them !!!!

Another Side pose i took of him to show the angles of definition of the toy .

A side shot of his body with his wheels and hood .

The Right Side look .

A closer shot of the Upper Part of Sergeant Kup .

A more Frontal View of him .
Look at him Staring at you looks so god damn Real and very cool !!!

Sergeant Kup's Exhaust Pipe which actually becomes a weapon !!!!
His long Rifle .....

An Overall look showing him with his rifle and a don't mess with me pose .
Sure thing Sergeant Kup !!!

This is by Far the closest Range shot i have taken of Sergeant Kup !!!
Amazing isn't it ?

Angled pose again ....

A full frontal shot . I took this picture outdoors . I find taking my transformers toys pictures outside the home as a more better effect on the toys colors and detailed views don't you agree ?

And lastly another Sideview before i show you his cool vehicle form called the Pickup .

This is the Rifle which Sergeant Kup uses has his weapon !!!
It becomes part of the vehicle when he transforms to his pickup mode .

As i have shown here this is the bottom of the pickup which his rifle fits into to become ......

His exhaust pipe !!!!

Like what you can see here. The Grey colored rifle becoming his exhaust pipe.

In Stealth attack mode Sergeant Kup's Rifle can be removed from his exhaust and mounted on top his pickup and used like a cannon on top his vehicle ...
this is really cool ain't it.

A back view of the pickup with the rifle mounted on top.

A side view

And the Frontal view of the pickup stealth mode .

Rear End View left

Rear End View Right

Close up Front view

A side view of the pickup .

Full rear end view

Some what wanted you toy fans out there to get different angle views of the toy...

A full close up of the Front

Yup fella's another close up !!!!

A top view angled

Another top view angle

A cool side view i suppose you fans would like ...

Generally as a toy collector i will safely say that this is easily a Transformers Fan or collector's Favourite be it an old or new one. This is simply because this toy has evolved drastically from it's predecessor and it's design is unique and the coloration is amazing.

Old collectors will buy it for the comparison or for the sake of showing the differences between the old design versus the new design and it's different vehicle modes and different unique alterations.

I would Say if you don't have the toy go get it while it's still available in the mall.
This is a toy which is nice to collect.
And will be in the near future ( if the design dosen't change again that is) .

More reviews coming up and more comparisons too.