Saturday, November 19, 2011

Transformers Luxury Cars

Here are the Transformers all transformered to thier luxury vehicle forms

Which kid or parent who isn't familiar with transformers toys would actually think that these luxury cars actually transforms to a robot !!!!

They are Crafted so perfectly like Model cars that toy viewers will never know its actually robots in thier alternate versions Luxury cars ....

Another angled view close up shot of Transformers Luxury Cars

Rear View 

Close up Shot

Another Close up i did for you Toy lovers .... Cool isn't it !!!

I find the car tires very cool and the wheels too

A Rear End Overall view

Thought of taking a clearer view from the side

Just a top view

Cool Rear View of Generation 1 Wheel jack !!!!

Side Rear End view again

And Finally just an angle look from the rear !!!

Wow Having Transformers toys is really fun  !!!

Although i like All Transformers toys in general i usually collect the Key characters and unusually rare ones too.

For me my personal favorites for vehicle modes are usually cars.
Cars are more cool and just nice to fit in a collection to show off the various car models in the series of toys.

Transformers toys always fascinate me cos it's fun because of the dual modes a toy lover likes. It's a vehicle and a robot !!!!

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More new updates and reviews of toys coming up .... Cheers !!!!