Sunday, April 15, 2012

WWE Divas Battlepack (Bella Twins) Brie Bella and Nikki Bella with Divas Championship Belt

Hello people how about giving you some hot toys for your review to begin with ???? This is a new toy i just purchased today and i couldn't wait to show you here online this review post at my blog. It was just too tempting. Well i'm collecting unique WWE Figures for my own collection not intended to be sold. This is just for my personal collection only. Sorry if you like the toys ( go get your own!!!! ) . These are the Bella twins as mentioned from the title of this blog review.

They are Brie Bella and Nikki Bella now the most popular divas in WWE. And awesome i got them as figures for my collection . Sweet !!!! I am collecting all the Divas of WWE for my own collection. Divas are more cool in design because of their clothing and unique looks don't you agree ?

And this is the back of the Package. Don't the ladies look so beautiful and sweet. 

This is the close up of the 2 Bella Twins, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella although the facial features are not exactly accurate with the actual person but they are almost there, and Mattel has done a Great job in ensuring the facial features are authentic in their own characteristics.

Even their jackets are really nice. making them so unique as an action figure collectible.

And this above picture is the close up of the Divas championship belt. The Divas Championship Belt is something which i was looking for , for a long time now because of the colors of the Belt and the design of the Belt itself. I think people all over the world will agree with me about this. And also the most unique thing about the WWE Toy line from Mattel is the unique Championship belts which are so unique and small design. They have so much detail like the actual Championship Belt itself. I will be featuring all the championship belts respectively for all of you to see very soon.

A very personal Close up of the 2 Bella Twins. For this review i will be showing you just the cover and the package of the WWE Divas Action figures. I will be featuring the actual toy out of the package in the Next few reviews so please keep it right here where it all happens.

I will be starting new Fan pages in my Facebook as well, besides the Transformers Fan pages.

They will be a WWE Divas Fan page and also A toy collectors Fan page generally for all type of Toy collectors just like me so see you later guyzzz. Will be back soon.