Monday, August 29, 2011

Head masters

Found an interesting toy from generation 1 called headmasters .It seemd they are the heads of different type of robots either combined or the big ones .
Thought of sharing this collection with you because i personally find it very intriging considering it's a rare collection to comeby and it's also not available in th open market.
Share your thoughts here and comments about this particular toy package.

This is the boxed set without being opened
As you can see there are names of the characters in the box.
This is the actual set when it's revealed
Total of 10 Head masters.

These are the 10 robots taken out the package before thier transformations into thier respective heads.

And finally the respective head transformations
So cool collections so thought of sharing ith all you collector out there !!!!
Please comment and share.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Optimus prime ( Movie Preview )

This is the actual Optimus Prime Featured in the toy from the First Transformers Movie in 2007 . This is the form before he was the actual truck. This is also very hard to find in general. I have tried to find this in other toy collector shops and can't seem to find it anywhere !!!

This toy will be a collection for a decade to come because this was even earlier then the time when the toys came out for production from the first movie.


This is a classic collector from the 80's who had collected one of the old toys from the 80's ans still put it in the box for maybe reselling his toy again. As you can see the toy is kina old but still in good condition.I personally also can't seem to find this robot anywhere else.

This is one collection which i haven't seen in the re-edition.

I hope they reproduce it though cos i want to buy it so much !!!!

Yup cool isn't it !!!
Share with the collectos here if you have any of the toys i have mentioned here in my blog.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reflector ( Decepticon )

Thought of sharing you a robot which i think is very cool and calssic and very hard to get collection.

This is the Decepticon robot called Reflector !!! you will be surprised what it transforms into !!!

Yup this 3 robots are the ones which combine and make up the camera called Reflector !!!!
Please share some info and collections if you have any of these robots cos these robots are so hard and rare and it's impossible to find them cos it's really classic.
I want to know are there any collectors out there who has this collection in hand and please upload and share your toy pictures here .

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skids And Mudflap Ice Cream Truck

This is Skids and mudflap before they were transformed seperately into 2 seperate cars .

This 2 robots combine to be an ice cream truck as you know it from the Transformers movie Revenge of the Fallen. This toy is so hard to find !!!!

I mean i couldn't see even one of this toy in all the toy shops in my country.

This will be a classic collection cos it's the first from in the movie before it was converted into seperate cars.

This are the two robots on top and the ice cream truck is here on the right. Cool isn't it !!!! Please share your own images of this toy or other toys in the transformers toy line cos i may want to exchange or sell my toys with other collectors like yourselves .

Below is the packaged version of the toy and as you can see from the package below that the toy is seperated so it's skids on the front and mudflap on th right . But when they combine they become the complete
ice cream truck.

This is the package. Let me know if any of you collectors out there managed to get the brand new toy like this one and tell me the pric eof the toy as well .


This is mixmaster one of the Constructicons From the Movie Revenge of the Fallen !!!

This is the Pose Form here on the left.
This Toy is my personal favourite
although it's a decepticon.

This Toy is sold seperately and it cant be combined to form Devastator !!! It's Just a Stand alone toy. For collection.

This is the Robot form!!!                
   What a cool pose !!! Don't you think ?
   This toy is also very Scarce in the market
   and it would be good if you can get your
   hands on one of them !!!


 And this Finally is the Vehicle form of
 Mixmaster....Cool name and   

 cool toy too !!!                                     

Monday, August 15, 2011


One of my Favourite toys of all time is soundwave i just like this robot very much.
It's a Classic from the Transformers timeline.
And any collector who love Transformers in general will include this robot in his/her Collection !!!!

Soundwave In Packaging

I've taken the time to put some pictures of the Classic Transformer Soundwave .

Soundwave Robot

Soundwave Tape Recorder

This Classic collection Reminds me of my childhood when this toy was $50 and that was the year 1988.

Anybody who has this collection will have value for money because this toy is in high demand and a very hard collection to come by.

I hope collectors will share thier rare collections with me in this blog
I will also some cool pics of my collections so as to be able to exchange views and see rare collections from all transformers fans !!