Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Skids And Mudflap Ice Cream Truck

This is Skids and mudflap before they were transformed seperately into 2 seperate cars .

This 2 robots combine to be an ice cream truck as you know it from the Transformers movie Revenge of the Fallen. This toy is so hard to find !!!!

I mean i couldn't see even one of this toy in all the toy shops in my country.

This will be a classic collection cos it's the first from in the movie before it was converted into seperate cars.

This are the two robots on top and the ice cream truck is here on the right. Cool isn't it !!!! Please share your own images of this toy or other toys in the transformers toy line cos i may want to exchange or sell my toys with other collectors like yourselves .

Below is the packaged version of the toy and as you can see from the package below that the toy is seperated so it's skids on the front and mudflap on th right . But when they combine they become the complete
ice cream truck.

This is the package. Let me know if any of you collectors out there managed to get the brand new toy like this one and tell me the pric eof the toy as well .

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  1. I have this set, which I bought some 2 years ago... Probably will be reviewing these figures soon...