Thursday, August 22, 2013

Toy collection displays of Collectors around the world !!!!

Hello there !!! This is much of a different twist of events from my regular toy reviews. I want to show you some of my friends around the world showing off all their toy displays ranging from the 80's till now.

Well there is a lot to say about these collections and if you are not one just stay away and don't comment if you don't like it !!!! Cos like i said toy collecting isn't really for everyone accept people who loves collecting it like all of us do.

With that let me share with you the collections !!!! Which are all my favorite and i really love these collectors as well.

All toys bring me memories and thanks to everybody who have made that dream come true to let me go down that lane i never thought i could ever walk again.

The Above are the M.A.S.K collections from the 80's and it's one of my favorite toy lines up till now. The cool retro look with innovative Transformations of the vehicle to various modes just made me crazy !!!! I will practically play with all of them every single day !!!!

Collections above are the vintage Masters of the universe action figures from the 80's which you really an't get right now or are absolutely gone !!!

The Extreme bottom are all the vintage G.I Joe Figures from the 80's as well !!!

Above are the latest collections From the MOTU Classics toy line available at the moment which is another awesome toy to collect and to own.

I myself have 50 percent of the figures and i am planning to get more !!!!

And completing my collections as well !!!! I know shut up if you think i'm crazy of got nothing else better to say... cos that's my business !!!! 

Like what a dude said it's a free world .. so free world means you don't tell me what to do and stay away if you can't tell something nice.

Well in behalf of all toy collectors here and everywhere my humble salutes and respects.

The next is the Awesome Mcfarlane toys and action figure collections !!! Boy they are awesome. And look how neatly and new the collections are ???

This is a collectors paradise i tell ya !!!!

Mcfarlane toys have authenticity and originality in their art in making action figure displays and collectibles including spawn.

Most of these toys are only with existing collectors and not in production anymore fort he most part.

The next few collections above are the Ghost busters and other toys from the same line in different years but generally all of them are vintage 80's to the 90's.

Awesome collections !!!

The Above pictures are vintage toy collections of mixed lots from the 80's as well.

All the awesomeness i tell ya ....

Above are the Uncanny X-men and X-men Classics from the late 80's to the early 90's which were one hell of a collection hard to surpass .... cos there were the cartoons coming on con currently and there were lots of exciting characters to collect besides the Transformers !!! the 80's and 90's were mostly the action figure era and all the popular toys were all in the form of action figures.

Above are the Transformers Generation 1 which started it all for these popular toys till now.

I myself grew up with Generation 1 and i cant do away without these collections as well.

It's still a collector classic if you are a true Transformers Fan !!!

Like i said to you toy collectors around the world kept all of these old treasures from the past which are completely obsolete or unavailable in the market right now.

All these treasures are worth millions !!!! if you ask me !!!

The Above are some latest collections from the year 2000 till now and some from the NECA toy lines as well. Just to show you a few.

Well last but not least one of my toy members has put in a lot of work to build his own castle Grayskull with wood and painted it !!!! You should check the guys artwork. He told me it took him 7 months to get this done. And let me tell ya i absolutely love it !!!

Salutes to the guy who took the time and for me to present to all of you 80's era kids. Cheerzzz !!!

With that i will let you enjoy the Video !!!!