Saturday, August 24, 2013

MOTU Classics Shokoti Action figure review !!!!

Hey i'm back with my regular toy reviews again. This time it's from the Masters of the Universe Classics also known as the MOTU Classics action figure .... this time it's the club filmation franchise from the same line. This was also available to the public and subscribers as well recently until it got sold out !!!! Yes you got that right Shokoti has already been sold out in Mattycollector and you can only get her figure from collectors like myself.

Well without furthur ado this is Shokoti !!!!

Just look at the awesomeness of this action figure which has really cool looking colors which are very bright !!! I especially like her black boot cut. It really makes a difference when compared with her upper body and her crown and cape as well. A very good color composition.

The red cape at the back of Shokoti is really a smooth soft plastic which is just nice for this action figure as well. It's not a cloth though but a soft rubbery plastic with some frills and really has the wind blowing on it look.

Do take note that although Shokoti has very good balance at her feet but the leg parts are really brittel and may just come off if you force the joints at her ankle. So you better be careful with that as her ankles can go outwards as well.

As you can see from the picture above Shokoti's cape can be removed by removing her head piece. She also looks cool without her cape as well. From the background picture which i had taken from the bright blue blends very well with the green.

From the back as you see above there is a very nice look of her blouse and how it is being worn as well. Actually it's possible to take her blouse off as well !!! but you will have a difficult time removing and putting it back on her body as well. So don't try it.

Her hair as a very witch like look to it as she is depicted as an evil witch of eternia .

Above is the picture of Shokoti's green minion below her feet Darkling !!!!

Actually in the 80's when her character was out this green minion was all over the place and there were multiples of this guy. I wonder why they never came with 2 or 3 pieces of him in the package for this action figure as there are usually more then 1 accessory with MOTU Classics Action figures !!!

Darkling as a fully articulated multiple mouth and green tentacles as well other then the one green eye sticking out !!!! I will show you the details in the next few pictures.

As you can see from the above pictures that Darkling comes with multiple blue colored lipped mouths and really looks very creepy. It's even more creepy then the filmation animated version itself from the 80's episode !!!!

And for the picture above is the last picture for this review and just look at her dark black sinky eyes and awesome lips which are really colored to make her look really evil.

Shokoti was one of the most interesting characters to be in the filmation series debut which was a 2 part episode and it really was unbelievable that she actually came out a character at last for those guys who were demanding her release. Well there you have it. Her crown around her forehead was also one interesting design and it goes well with her skin tone and hair as well and do take note that crown can't be removed as well. It's together with the head sculpt !!!

Well i have also done a video review of Shokoti so you can check her out below and i will leave you for now as i return as always !!! Cheerzz and laterzz  !!!!!