Saturday, August 31, 2013

WWE Elite Series 22 Kane Action figure,removable mask and WWE Tag Team Championship belt Review !!!!

Hey there guys back with another awesome review of the Mattel toys. This time it's the WWE Elite series 22 action figures. Let me tell you that once i purchased this action figure i was really surprised how it turned out !!! These action figures are awesome as they are highly detailed figures then the regular basic series figures which you might have purchased or got !!!!

Well this is the review of Kane with his other accessories as mentioned in my title post.

After you have seen the action figure you will understand why i say just that !!!! And with that let me proceed with the highly detailed Kane.

Just look at Kane above .... his attire details and the red mask on his face with his long hair. Isn't this picture perfect accurate ????

Let me tell you after this posting i will only continue to buy mostly Elite series figures and not the regular basic series action figures from the WWE Mattel toy line unless they are cool and really detailed. And i think you should too after i have done the review of this action figure.

From this view you can see the elbow bands which he wears exactly similar to the real thing and the elbow pads on both his arms can be moved up and down.

The footwear below Kane are the glossy boots very highly detailed with and unusual glossy paint to it. A great job done here as well !!!

The right arm has a black painted look like gloves on his hands and that is the arm usually Kane uses for his choke slam !!!

Do take note that the glove look on his hands can't be removed as it is a permanently done mold and the attire on Kane itself can't be removed as well.

From the back Kane has a flame like look design on his left leg and the right leg follows the regular designs of his overall attire.

The top part of his head and back shows the spread out hair and his muscle details near the spine area.

Mattel has really done a great job to do these details on Kane and on this Elite Action figure.

I'm a big fan of Kane and with no doubt this is so much worth a grab.

One of the most amazing thing about this whole figure are the accessories which come with it. As you can see above he comes with the first accessory, a very highly detailed WWE Tag Team Championship belt with a very authentic metallic finish.

Above is the close up of the title belt and the awesome details and finish to the belt itself.

And what more amazing then the guy himself Kane with this awesome close up !!!! Just look at the facial sculpt. It's seriously similar to the real guy himself. I am really amazed how this figure actually turned out after buying and playing with it !!!!

Another accessory which actually comes with this guy is his removable entrance mask which he uses everytime Kane comes into the ring. This ring is just simply put over his head and don't bother removing his head piece as it won't come off so easily or you might have broken it. So just leave the head as it is and just put his mask over his head.

Like i said from the back you can see his muscle details on his spine and shoulder areas and the mask which is shown here as well over his head. And that is how the mask has to be put.

Well as you see above you can see how the sides of the mask fit into his face as well.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review.

And let me know your comments and views of this figure and it's details.

I have taken a video review as well of this action figure so you will know the details as well of this awesome Elite series action figure.

With that cheerzz and i'll see you all laterzz !!!!