Monday, August 19, 2013

New Toy Findings and Collections !!!

Hello there people recently i had stopped posting a while as my computer was down and i had to do away with another computer and all my previous pictures i took for my review were all lost in that computer !!! well that really sucks as i intended to do more reviews this month. But nevertheless i had pictures of my latest findings and collections and i wanted to share them with you. 

Toys R Us Singapore has released the Thrilling 30th Anniversary of the Transformers Generation figures, just 4 of them were spotted !!!

Check them out below !!!!

Well just look at Megatron above in that Stealth Bomber Mode !!!! Fantastic.... and i'm gonna do a review of him soon you bet !!!

Well for other developments i have just got my Club Eternia and Club Filmation ladies figures from Mattel.

And wanted to show these awesome ladies in my latest collections !!! 

Castaspella is a Club Eternia Subscription.

And below is the Club Filmation Subscription Shokoti !!!

Well for this post i had to make it rather blunt and short for you guys but i shall return with more reviews soon to present to all you toy lovers and collectors out there ... with that i will let you speculate on my pictures of my toys !!! Cheerzz People !!!!