Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tech Deck Dregs Longboard Review !!!!

Hello there i'm back again !!!! More reviews will come you way now. I was listening to Lady Gaga's Applause song and it was an amazing comeback and return i tell ya .... and the song was awesome !!! So with that i have also risen and i have returned !!!! So explanations aside !!!! Now i'm gonna present to you the Tech Deck Long Boards from the Tech Deck Series but this time it's the longer version of the boards so they are called Longboards. This version is from DREGS a different brand associated with the longboard. So i'll feature the Longboard known as DREGS.

As you can see above the longboard DREGS name is put on top of the Board. The top part has a sand like rough finish like any real board. And they have done that in precise accuracy.

From the above picture as you can see you notice that it looks like an actual Skateboard !!!

The Wheels are all made so well to look like it's counterpart to scale !!!!

The top part at both ends are the screws to secure the boards wheels and it goes well with the sand color finish of the board.

From the above picture you may notice that there is artwork on the bottom of the board. The Artwork is just and enhancement design for the board but that doesn't really impress me that much as the board itself. But to make it look interesting the artwork was included in it i guess.

The Screws from the top of the board secures the wheels to the bottom with that metal joint ... and it doesn't really rust because the metal piece is one good alloy i suppose. But some precision engineering in there which is really awesome !!!! My salutes to the manufacturer who did this art piece !!!!

The Wheels are a transluscent yellow which is also very cool ...and just look at the mini details as well for this accessory as well.

One other extra piece of accessory which comes with this board is the poster piece here and it features the whole collection from the line. So you can use this as a checklist to make your collection complete.

And the above picture shows the board we have on the extreme right second board .... well this will end my review of this awesome toy and i have featured a video review as well of this toy to give you the full details as well !!! So enjoy the video below !!!

So with that i shall leave you to speculate and discuss furthur of the purchase of this awesome board while i return with other toy reviews soon !!!! Cheerzzz People !!!

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