Saturday, October 27, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Trapjaw Action Figure review !!!!

Dear toy collectors and toy fans i have just reviewed my latest 2 figurines from the Masters Of The Universe Classics (M.O.T.U) toy line. This is also my ongoing collection to date and i would like to show you all the latest stuff which i have acquired through the months and i will update you as we go on toy reviews and all type of toy adventures i am going through sharing all of them with you as well.

This is Trapjaw from the Masters Of the Universe Toyline and i am telling you that this toy is really awesome !!!! Just check out this cool dude.

I must tell you i'm really fascinated by this guy. His colors are really fantastic and his overall filmation classics look is still being retained. And just look at his boots. That is just wow !!!!

His jaw can actually be removed and it's also movable up and down !!!!!

And here when Trapjaw's Metaljaw is brought down you can see his internal mouth very bloody and maybe his bloody tongue as well can be seen.

And here i have changed his normal arm to the robotic metal arm which is used to interchange weapons for attack on He-man and the rest of the crew !!!!! Here is the gun !!!!

And here is the hook weapon which is used most of the time during the 80's filmation series. Before he inter changes other weapons on his robotic arm.

And this is his claw weapon !!!!!

Altogether there are 3 interchangeable weapons excluding his normal arm !!!!

And the next few pictures will be a feature never shown in the classics filmation series but it was shown during the 2002 Masters of the Universe series but they really didn't close up his actual look before his metal jaw came about. Actually they did't even show who changed his metal jaw in the first place. But this feature never came out as a toy before but it was included this time. The normal Trapjaw whose real name was Kronis !!!!

Here is Kronis !!!!

And this is the closeup of Kronis Also known as Trapjaw !!!!!

Cool eh !!!!

This will end my review for now for this particular action figure for now.

Well let me tell ya' something go get this guy !!!! This guy is super hot and he is a must have !!!! He is one of the main bad guys in MOTU and he is always there in every episode next to skeletor. You must get this guy and all his awesomeness. He is actually sold out in Matty Collector for now but there is still plenty of places you can get him. And believe me you will never ever regret it !!!!

I'll be back people with more reviews. So bye for now !!!!! Have a great day !!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Visionaries Lancer Cycle with Ectar in almost mint condition !!!!!

Dear people i'm back with a new old classic toy again. This is absolutely awesome as it is still intact in good mint condition. I have managed to get this toy without any hassle or troubles and i really want to assemble the whole thing for all of you to see.

But for now i will just show you the package and the contents in it for your kind review and attention.

This is none other then the very popular 80's toy line. Visionaries.

This is the Lancer cycle with Ectar figurine all still in the package.

The box of this toy still gives me childhood memories close to my heart cos during the 80's this particular toy was considered expensive and my parents completely refused to buy this for me.

Ans since i never really could save enough money at that time to get this toy i have now relived it again and ordered it !!!! A real blast from the past. This particular toy will be a classic in the making and also a real thing close to my heart.

Hope you like it too.

This is the entire box complete with the vehicle which is still not assembled yet and the instructions of the assembly is also intact with all things inside even the box itself.

I will be doing a full review of the toy itself very soon and update you other latest toys and displays meanwhile i'm just giving you a taste of things to come.

And Visionaries is never complete without a full assembly and a full solid review !!!!

So stay tuned i will be back to show you more !!!

And who can ever forget the hologram images of the Visionaries !!!!

Cheerzzz !!!!!

M.A.S.K Buzzard with Miles Mayhem and Maximus Mayhem Complete Full Vehicle Review !!!!!

I'm back with yet another vintage 80's toy review as i had promised all of you and i would like all of you to support me in this blog as much as possible as i am putting all my best and classic toy reviews in this blog for all of you to share my collections and all my special pictures of all the cool toys i have collected through the years.

Now i am back with M.A.S.K and another one of those classic vintage toy collections which is a must for any M.A.S.K Toy collector and fan as well.

It's called Buzzard !!!!!

This is the complete set of the M.A.S.K Buzzard Vehicle with Miles mayhem and Maximus Mayhem.

This toy has always been a favorite of mine as it really looks like a real racing car but " Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon " !!!!!

And the Transformation of this car is the most amazing, as you will see in my next few pictures here as well as i go along with this review.

Buzzard from the back. as you can see the back tires of the vehicle is amazing. It's made of a high quality rubber and it doesn't ware off easily. You can see from my pictures that the toy has aged quite a bit but all the parts are still very much intact and solid in look. It seems vintage toys from the 80's or a few centuries ago are much more lasting then latest toys in a sense they tend to be more brittle but very much detailed in design. But M.A.S.K toys were considered innovative for their time as they were unique and very much special in their own way.

As you can see here from the picture this is the center part of the vehicle where the driver sits and it can be removed. It reveals the robot droid which is driving it !!!!!

The Next few picture will be the Attack Transformation mode of Buzzard !!!!

The picture is below.

It splits into 2 halves of the vehicle from the center and the center part of the vehicle becomes the Robot Droid's Plane !!!!!

And as you can see here the 2 cannons can be taken out from the vehicle itself the ones which are red in color.

And these are the 2 figures which make the vehicle complete. Miles and Maximus Mayhem with thier masks removed. See the differences between the 2. They have different colored uniforms and different colored masks as well.

As you can see here the top of the covers can also be removed to put the action figures into the vehicle.

You got to tighten up the vehicle completely so that it can also fit the figurines in perfectly without them sticking out of the vehicle.

And this is the rear side view of how the figurines go into the vehicle completely without problems. You gotta figure it out if you have this vehicle.

Well this will be the end of this picture review of M.A.S.K toy Buzzard. I'll be constantly updating my facebook and blogger as well with all my toy reviews and be sure to add me in you facebook profile if you want more cool toy reviews and pictures.

With that i'll see you all soon !!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Transformers Prime AM-15 Darkness Megatron Full Picture Review !!!!!

I am back with a full review of my previous post of the Arms Micron (AM) Takara Tomy Series of Transformers Prime toys. This time it's Darkness Megatron.

Megatron in this version is really very authentic and classic in look like what i will post in my pictures here as well. Enjoy the review as you scroll down seeing this amazing toy.

The silver on Megatron is really amazing and his color is like totally enhanced and really upgraded so well but still retaining the authentic Megatron look from the Animated series.

A look from behind reveals his purplish color dark energon !!!!!

The purple goes very well with the silver color on Megatron.

This is the Arms Micron Weapon which you can see here a very unique translucent purple which goes on Megatron's Vehicle and robot mode. Though it's a cool looking weapon but the joints are kinda' loose and fall of quite easily and the stickers and the whole assembly of the Arms Micron weapon itself takes some time to do as well.

But once done it's totally cool !!!!! Set some time aside for this toy though !!!!

As you can see here this is Darkness Megatron with his Arms Micron fixed to his back and the cannon type of gun in his arms being pointed towards firing mode !!!!!

As you can see from this picture the Arms micron looks so awesome on Megatron from behind makes it look like he has extra wings.

A mean scary close up of Megatron !!!! And let me tell you the silver coloring around his chest area is really cool but you must take note that this color fades when rubbed too much. The paint actually wares off in time given some amount of aging time. But be sure to to always be playing this guy once in a while and putting him away for display. That would be a good choice !!!!

Next Few pictures are the Vehicle mode of Megatron which is a kind of Cybertronian Spacejet !!!! Pretty cool !!!!! I had a really hard time to get the stickers right on Megatron cos there were just too many of them to stick on !!!! You will get the idea when you get one of this yourself !!!!!

And this pictures are all his weapons fixed on to his vehicle mode. Starting with his cannon.

Followed by the Arms Micron Weapons.

Like I said this is the full all weapons fixed on to Megatron's vehicle mode !!!!!

The weapons on Megatron can be fixed any way you like as long as you think that is the coolest style to fit Megatron !!!! Well with that i have to end this review with all my heart and say to you please go get your Darkness Megatron before he is all gone !!!!!

I'll be back with more exciting reviews of my all so cool toys again. So be here where it all happens for all you toy collecting passionists !!!

I'll be back !!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

M.A.S.K Condor With Brad Turner Complete Vehicle Review !!!!!

Hi now i'm back again constantly updating you with all my latest collections of toys. This time is another Retro Toy from the 80's Kenner Collection again. It's M.A.S.K Condor with Brad turner action figure.

Hope you guys can relate to this vintage toy i am about to review.

Here is the complete set of Condor with Brad Turner Complete with no missing parts.

Here is Brad turner on his bike when riding it. The action figure sits quite well with the vehicle.

Here is the Vehicle without it's driver.

Condor is one of the smallest vehicle to be found in the M.A.S.K Vehicle series. It's design is simple but very innovative in the attack transformation mode. This was a very simply designed toy with a very unique personality. And i think that's why they say "Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon" !!!!!

An overall side view of the entire Condor motorbike which is so cool cos even the bottom part of the vehicle  is supported well enabling the vehicle to be mounted without an actual support platform. 

And this is Brad Turner with his Hocus Pocus Mask off his head.

Doesn't this look awfully retro !!!!

Next Few Pictures i'm gonna show you Condor in it's attack mode.

The Bike turning into a mini Helicopter !!!!

Yes that's Condor in the attack mode !!!!!

So for now this will end my toy review of M.A.S.K Condor Vehicle review more interesting toy reviews coming up and stay in store for more happening coming your way in my toy review world. Enjoy and I'll be back for more !!!!!!!!!!!