Thursday, October 25, 2012

Visionaries Lancer Cycle with Ectar in almost mint condition !!!!!

Dear people i'm back with a new old classic toy again. This is absolutely awesome as it is still intact in good mint condition. I have managed to get this toy without any hassle or troubles and i really want to assemble the whole thing for all of you to see.

But for now i will just show you the package and the contents in it for your kind review and attention.

This is none other then the very popular 80's toy line. Visionaries.

This is the Lancer cycle with Ectar figurine all still in the package.

The box of this toy still gives me childhood memories close to my heart cos during the 80's this particular toy was considered expensive and my parents completely refused to buy this for me.

Ans since i never really could save enough money at that time to get this toy i have now relived it again and ordered it !!!! A real blast from the past. This particular toy will be a classic in the making and also a real thing close to my heart.

Hope you like it too.

This is the entire box complete with the vehicle which is still not assembled yet and the instructions of the assembly is also intact with all things inside even the box itself.

I will be doing a full review of the toy itself very soon and update you other latest toys and displays meanwhile i'm just giving you a taste of things to come.

And Visionaries is never complete without a full assembly and a full solid review !!!!

So stay tuned i will be back to show you more !!!

And who can ever forget the hologram images of the Visionaries !!!!

Cheerzzz !!!!!