Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WWE Diva Superstar # 6 AJ Action Figure Review !!!!

Hi back again with another fantastic review of all the toy s i have been collecting which is now my second most prestigious collection the WWE Diva Action figures from Mattel !!! I just love to collect divas as i find them to be so cool and Mattel has really made a fantastic debut of all the fantastic action figures from the WWE Universe and i am greatly honored to collect them as well. Diva action figures are more rarely founf then the traditional male action figures from the same line.

Well this is one of the most popular diva next to others like Bella twins and many other ladies as well. She is AJ !!! Below !!!!

AJ has the real nice yellow finish on her top blouse and her sneakers are also very well detailed as well as an awesome action figure. This is a must get i tell you !!!

She comes with a small necklace piece which is also movable around her neck.

Her facial features will be compared to the real AJ in the next few pictures as well.

You can see from the above picture that AJ has a yellow band on her right wrist and he hair is really done as a very nice touch to her head as well.

The hair details are awesome !!!!

The left wrist on AJ  bears her black band which is kinda awesome. It moves well and it's not attached tight to her hands but please bear in mind the paint job on this action figure is just the coloring of her clothes on so you can't remove her clothes !!!

Moreover this action figure is really accurate to the real person.

The back view of AJ shows her lengthy wavy hair with details and even her fingers has colors on her nails as well. Just look at the details !!!

As you can see in the poses above AJ action figure has lots of good flexibility to enable you to pose her in different positions. Figure has very good balance as well.

This picture above is the close up of AJ and boy even her lipstick has a very light gloss as what she does in the WWE. The facial feature i would say by far has a 70% accuracy compared to the real person.

And this would be my last picture for this post !!!!

Boy i would say go get AJ while she is still in stock cos she will run out real fast as what she did with the other Diva action figures and i will be back for more reviews. See ya soon and cheerzz !!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

He-man 2002 Modern Version Cross Variant Action Figure !!!!!

Hello there people i have now been collecting all the older versions of the He-man toys from the past but not the vintage 80's though !!!! This version i have is the rare version of the cross variant chest plate of He-man which is quite rare and not in production anymore.The reason i bought this collection is because the modern version of He-man in the 2002 version animated series were simply unique and cool as well. It was actaully the better version of the remake of the Classic He-man. There were actually the other version as well but this was the best so far of the remake of the Classics He-man series from the 80's.

So the toys are now are also equally rare as they are not reproducing it anymore. This version of the action figure depicts the same sword as King He-man . But the only difference is the sword has a clean undamaged version and the best part of this sword's feature it can turn at the bottom unlike the one for king he-man which is just one solid sword !!!!

I will review in comparison of both the powerswords in my youtube channel and give you an idea for the moment i will just present to you the pictures first.

Let me tell you mine is still new in the package !!!!

Yup isn't he unique ???

Well this time he is in the package i will review him out of the package as i am buying extras of this action figures from the Masters Of The Universe Series other then the classics which i am also collecting as well.

Look at the center of the chest plate it is just 4 sides.

And this above picture is the back of the package featuring all the other characters in the line.

Well enjoy guys i will now bring my toy reviews with a whole new twist in a sense i will update you all with all my old and latest collections and let you all see the various toys i have had which will take everybody by surprise !!!

See ya soon !!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MOTU Classics Keldor Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hello there hope you all like my postings the last few days of all the updates i was trying to keep you all in the loop on the toy world to the best of my abilities !!!!

Well as all of you know i am still constantly updating my MOTU Classics Collections as well consistently until i have collected all of them !!!! Well this is just one of them !!! This is awesome figure and one of the most important guys to collect as he is the guy before he was turned into Skeletor !!!

Well here he is Keldor !!!!

As you can see from the above picture Keldor still has that bluish color to his skin and his face as well.

He bears the same outfit just like Skeletor but a bit less modified but you get the picture right ???

This pose below this is one of the best poses i did for this particular action figure.

It just shows the personality of Keldor !!! And as you can see there is a Dark Puplish cape on the back of him !!!!

And as you can see from the picture above the cape is shown and Keldor's rather long hair which actually renders the movement of his head to go sideways for a nice cool pose. You gotta remove his long cape (which is removable) to get him to turn his head completely the way you want him to.

This picture above is the "Acid" Vial which was the one which scarred Keldor's face when he battled his brother King Randor and became deformed. Then with that Keldor went to Hordak for help and Hordak transformed him to Skeletor.

The picture above as you can see is the other accessory which comes with Keldor. They are actually 2 halves of one sword split into half to go on both hands of Skeletor. It can also be combined into one sword.

You will see the combined version of the sword in my later pictures below.

Yup the above picture shows the combined version of the sword which Keldor is holding.

Well the above picture will be my last picture for this review. Well at the moment Keldor is sold at Mattycollector but i don't know for how long !!!! Before Keldor was on sale it was Skeletor and the second batch also got sold out !!!!

So if Skeletor had already sold out then it's a matter of time before Keldor gets the same fate !!!

So don't wait up and go get him faster if not the only alternative is to get from collectors like myself !!! Ha ha ha !!! Well enjoy your weekends ladies and gentlemen i will see you all very soon. Cheerzzzz !!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

McDonald's Happy meal Toys in Singapore Featuring Hotwheels and Barbie collectibles !!!!!

Hello there this posting comes here with a twist !!!! This is my most recently acquired collections from McDonald's in Singapore !!!! Boy they are cool !!!!. Here i have the Hotwheels and the Barbie toys which comes with this unique collection when you buy a Happy Meal in Singapore !!!!

I think this is the first time McDonald's as far as i remember were featuring toys after some time ago !!!! Well i bought it as i am an obvious toy collector. But the toy cars are rather plastic then it's actual Hotwheels Counter part which are in the stores. But nevertheless they are similar in looks..

Well check out the picture of the Happy Meal toy from McDonald's Singapore !!!!

Here are the ones i told you about they were put in the package as Team Hotwheels !!!!

The Cars have cool names as well !!!!

Here in the above picture as i had told you on the right side of the car is the Barbie Doll display figure as well. But do take note that they are much smaller in size then the actual Barbie doll from Mattel which are in the actual toy stores as well. So Don't be disappointed but nevertheless it's a replica in a smaller version which is much easier to keep and to have and boy her hair can be combed down as well as there is a comb in the package !!! Well don't wanna ruin your surprise !!!! But go to Mcdonald's and get one yourself !!!!

Then you will have the actual idea kids and adult collectors !!!!

Here is the Sample of the hotwheels plastic car !!!!

And boy it's cool !!!! The sticker comes with it as well for you to paste on top of the car's body.

And here is the actual Barbie doll inside the Barbie doll package !!!

Cool !!!! Go get it !!! i won't show you more then this !!!

I'll see ya soon !!! Happy eating and feasting !!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NECA and Starwars Collectibles in hand !!!!! For Sale !!!!

Hello there people these are collectibles which are out for sale and also to show you people the uniqueness of these rare collectibles. Well i have it and you know me that i am always in the hunt for unique and hard to get toy collectibles.

Well first off is the NECA John Lennon Figure below this header.

The next picture will be from the movie Scarface which Al pacino was featured.

Well below is the figuring of him from NECA !!!!

Cool isnt't it. Well there were actually 2 versions of this guy and this was mostly the white suited version. The other one is the black suited version.

Well i only have this guy and not that !!!

The next few collections are the green carded versions of the toys from Star wars Power of the force back in 1997 before the Starwars Episode 1 in 1999 !!!!

They were the limited edition coins with the figurines from Kenner !!!

The is the Bespin Han Solo with the limited edition coin which comes with it.

The other one here above is the Snow trooper.

Well the Snow trooper also comes with the coin as well.

So people that's it for reviews.

And people please take note that all this are for sale and you can holla at me at my facebook pages for sales.

For those who din't know my link all this while this is my facebook profile page link !!!

This was where i did my toy sales and reviews and updated posting on the different trends of toys and collectibles. Cheerzz people !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

XBOX 360 INJUSTICE !!! Gods Among Us !!!! Collectors Edition Batman and Wonder Woman Statue Exclusive !!!! In Hand !!!!

Dear people and all universal toy lovers check out the limited edition of this statue of Batman and Wonder woman which comes with the game Injustice !!! Gods among us !!! From the XBOX 360 Franchise. And boy this is cool !!!! Check out the articulation and also the details. Please take note this is in Mint Condition still sealed in the box !!!!!!!!!

This was the first time i had seen something crafted like this from the gaming world. Boy this is such a cool art piece. I wish they had made more of this type of statues for all the XBOX or Playstation games !!!! Always had a liking for Grand Theft Auto toys !!!!

Well this toy is for aunction !!!! And it is for sale so you know where to find me if you want this hotstuff !!!

Cheerzz  people !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Starwars Jango Fett's Slave 1 Vehicle Review !!!!

Dear people i am back with another vehicle toy review which i had bought recently and it's from the Starwars collection. This is Jango Fett's Slave 1. This is a re-issued toy from the much earlier versions from Starwars Episode 2,the Clone wars and even from the earlier episode from the 70's. Take note that this Jango Fett's Slave 1 and not Bubba Fett's Slave 1 which was greenish grey.

This version is grey and blue following Jango Fett's authentic armor and uniform color.

Will without furthur ado let me present you Jango Fett's Slave 1 !!!!

Look at the blue colored parts on the ships bottom, and look at the yellow colors around the ship. Please take note that these are all painted on the vehicle and not stickers like what it seems to be.

The unique thing i like about the Slave 1 is that it's one of the most cool looking spaceships which is of a very original idea. It's like no other. And what made me buy this particular toy is because i always was fascinated with the Star wars spaceships as they were so cool to collect. Every space ship had it's own unique function and authenticity to it.

The back which has a pointed side has got guns at the back attached which can be rotated as well to do some serious firing !!!! At the top of the Slave 1 as you can see there is a pointed sharp thing sticking out and that is the missile which can be fired upon. And let me tell you it's quite an impact when you fire it. So don't point the direction to kids when you fire it. Point it upwards so that it doesn't injure somebody.

Well the button to fire the missile is at the bottom of the blue part of the ship.

The above 3 pictures were a top angled view of the slave 1 which is more nicer to look at. At this angle you can see the vehicle has more of the Slave 1 take off mode just like in the Starwars Movies.

This is one hell of a cool vehicle i would say.

Well i never had compared it with the earlier versions.

This above picture shows the front canopy opened up to reveal the driver's seat.

Please take note that the side flaps of the Slave 1 can rotate as well to a certain angle but not 360 degress !!!!

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this particular review of Jango Fett's Slave 1 and let me tell you something this is the close up of the interior of the Slave 1 where Jango Fett was supposed to sit !!!

Well i don's know much about you guys but if you were to ask me this is a very cool toy and i think it's the only one of the best vehicles from the Starwars collections. So go get it. Starwars are all classics and are all cool to collect as well.

Thanks for reading i'll be back soon !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MOTU Classics Fang Man in hand !!!!

Hello there people let me share with you my newly acquired cool figurine for this month !!!! It is also a subscriber priority to get this particular figure and it's the amazing Fang Man !!!! Let me tell you this figure is really awesome and it's really cool as well. Check out my Masters Of the Universe Classics for sale at my blog website here as well. All the links are at my sidebars here as mentioned.  

With that let me present to you the image of the toy in the package !!!!

Well people this action figure speaks for itself and i have no say but to just to sit and stand still and stare at this wonderfully awesomely articulated figurine.

This is one of the best figurines from mattycollector to ever come by especially King He-man. So people brace yourselves there are more Masters Of The Universe Calssics Action figure to be put in my blog here for reviews so be here to check it out often !!!!

MOTU Classics King He-man with Subternia Map in Hand !!!!!

Dear toy collectors i'm back with another review of my latest figure from my subscriptions from Matty Collector. This is really Pure Gold !!!!! This is none other then King He-man with the Subternia Map.

The Map Shows Subternia during the reign of King Skeletor !!!! What ever that is !!!

And i am gonna show you all the Brand new King He-man unopened in mint condition in the package !!!!! Wow !!!!

Scream people scream !!!! This can't get any better then it's already have.

Well as you can see there are many instances where there is always a figure which you can get. But you don't get any figure like this any time so soon in a century !!!! This is really an awesome collector master piece. And guess what i'm selling him too as i had bought extra subscriptions for this Masters Of The Universe Classics action figures from Mattycollector.

The Back of the package features King He-man's bio and all the collectible figures from Mattycollector.com.

Well this toy speaks for itself.

Next i'm gonna show you the Subternia map which came with my king He-man which is only avialbe to subscribers as well. Too bad this is an unfair world i would say.

This above picture shows the Map folded and the next picture after this below this header will be the whole map unfolded and damn it's so colorful.

Yup people the full subternia map in full color, isn't this awesome !!!!

Well with this small introduction about this awesome figure i shall end my reviews for the moment i'll be back again. Enjoy the awesome view of king He-man !!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Ultra Magnus Toy Review !!!!!

Dear people although i'm on a break for a certain period now but i still update you on the latest toy collections so far.I just couldn't leave you all waiting for me to arrive with new reviews and make you anticipate in anxiety. Well enough said i am making more reviews later next month after this longer break and i will introduce more toys for all to see.

This is a toy i collected a while ago and i would like to give you now the full review of him after a much long time i had played with him.

He is none other then Ultra Magnus !!!!

Yup the amazing Ultra Magnus as he is !!!!. Boy is he cool !!!!

Here in the above picture as you can see is the weapon he is holding on his right arm and the missile on his left arm. Actually i don't really know what weapon he's holding is called but i suppose it's a cool  weapon suited to him.

This picture above is the rear side of him.

And here in the above picture as you can see is the weapon fits accurately into his back where you can see a hole where it is fitted into.

When the weapon is put Ultra Magnus doesn't really loose balance. You just have to put him in a proper position to make him stand in the required standing posture.

Here in the above picture as you can see is a clearer look of how his weapon looks like. The top bluish part of the weapon doesn't stretch well into place you gotta pull it out manually. So you won't be able to fix the position of the weapon to his arms though.

And here is the awesome close up of Ultra Magnus. 

Well the next few pictures after this will be Ultra Magnus in his vehicle mode !!!!!

A kind of truck rather similar to Optimus !!!!

Here in the above picture as you can see you will notice is the missile and weapon attached to his vehicle in attack mode !!!!

Well the attack mode is really cool is you were to ask me for an honest opinion.

I have seen so many toys and i think this attack mode seems more appropriate on Ultra Magnus as a robot !!!

Well the above picture ladies and gentlemen will be the last picture for this particular to review.

Needless to say Ultra Magnus is an awesome toy and robot to collect and to have. As far as i am concerned  Ultra Magnus has already been sold out in singapore. So i wouldn't now about other regions around asia or the world for that matter.

He was one of the most popular voyagers to hit the stores.

With that i will end this toy review as what you all had anticipated.

I'll be back !!!!