Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WWE Diva Superstar # 6 AJ Action Figure Review !!!!

Hi back again with another fantastic review of all the toy s i have been collecting which is now my second most prestigious collection the WWE Diva Action figures from Mattel !!! I just love to collect divas as i find them to be so cool and Mattel has really made a fantastic debut of all the fantastic action figures from the WWE Universe and i am greatly honored to collect them as well. Diva action figures are more rarely founf then the traditional male action figures from the same line.

Well this is one of the most popular diva next to others like Bella twins and many other ladies as well. She is AJ !!! Below !!!!

AJ has the real nice yellow finish on her top blouse and her sneakers are also very well detailed as well as an awesome action figure. This is a must get i tell you !!!

She comes with a small necklace piece which is also movable around her neck.

Her facial features will be compared to the real AJ in the next few pictures as well.

You can see from the above picture that AJ has a yellow band on her right wrist and he hair is really done as a very nice touch to her head as well.

The hair details are awesome !!!!

The left wrist on AJ  bears her black band which is kinda awesome. It moves well and it's not attached tight to her hands but please bear in mind the paint job on this action figure is just the coloring of her clothes on so you can't remove her clothes !!!

Moreover this action figure is really accurate to the real person.

The back view of AJ shows her lengthy wavy hair with details and even her fingers has colors on her nails as well. Just look at the details !!!

As you can see in the poses above AJ action figure has lots of good flexibility to enable you to pose her in different positions. Figure has very good balance as well.

This picture above is the close up of AJ and boy even her lipstick has a very light gloss as what she does in the WWE. The facial feature i would say by far has a 70% accuracy compared to the real person.

And this would be my last picture for this post !!!!

Boy i would say go get AJ while she is still in stock cos she will run out real fast as what she did with the other Diva action figures and i will be back for more reviews. See ya soon and cheerzz !!!!

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