Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Beast Wars Beast Megatron in Hand !!!!!

Well people i went to do a recap of my old liking !!!! I went back in time to watch the Beast wars from the 90's and was immidiately fascinated with Megatron !!!! The thought of him being a beast !!!! And the transformation was really fantastic !!!! His dinosaur head shoots like a strong laser beam on his right arm. It's exactly the same as what he does as a gun as well. If you noticed really well Megatron's right arm is always a strong gun or cannon. Well for this beast mode as well there is no difference but i am just showing you how he looks like in the package for the moment . I will review him in full later on !!!

As you can see here Megatron looks exactly what he looks like in the 90's Beast wars cartoon in season 1.

But what i don't understand is Decepticons in the Beast wars were called Predacons and thier logo was different !!!! But for this version of Megatron they called him a decepticon instead of Predacon so i'm a bit confused. You can see the Decepticon logo on the package as what i told you about !!!

This is the back of the package showing his transformed mode to robot.

Well this is really cool. What i didn't expect is Megatron turned out to be a Dinosaur as well cos there was another Predacon Turned Maximal (which is another name for Autobots) in Beast wars. That guy was also a dinosaur but called dinobot !!!!

The picture above is the side of the package featuring the Beast mode of  Megatron and the takara tomy logo manufacturer and the UN-31 which i think is the model name of this toy which i really don't know what it really means. I guess it's like the Arms Micron version of Transformers Prime toy versions i guess.

This is the other side of the package showing the Generation 1 pictures of Optimus Prime and Megatron as well facing each other and the Decepticon logo.

And the above picture shows the sticker bearing the words limited Quantity !!!

Well i guess i must be the lucky guy who got it !!!!!!

Well with that i shall end my post here and i will be back for more updates !!!

Cheerrzzz people !!!!!

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