Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mcfarlane Toys Movie Maniacs Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger Special Edition Set Review !!!!!

Hello there let me present to you my favorite toys from the 80's and early 90's where these movies were so famous and were out as toys as well which were super hot !!! I'm talking about the movie maniacs toys from Mcfarlane. This set was a special edition set for these famous movie characters called Jason and Freddy.

Well this is my boxed special edition set of Jason and Freddy together in one boxed display set with lots of blood splash all over the package !!! Check it out !!!!

Yup the above is the complete set in the package !!!!

Look at the blood splash on the package. This edition was the limited one compared to another package which was just the plain figures without the blood splash on the package !!!! Well the next picture is the description of this set if you intend to get it.

The pictures next i wanna show you are the toys out of the package and just check out the blood and gore... oh well the articulation as well.

Just look at that awesome ain't it !!!!

As you can see from the above pictures i have fixed all the 3 weapons on Jason's body and Freddy doesn't come with any weapons but just that mini figure of himself on the left of the package !!! The weapons can be removed as well .

The figurines themselves can be removed from the display stand actually and their arms and legs can be moved but with very limited movements as these figures were meant to be displayed as what i have shown you.

Look at the awesome close up of Jason Voorhees. Its epic !!!

Above the close up of Freddy Krueger which he actually looks exactly as what he does in the movies itself !!!

As what i had told you before much earlier the weapons can be removed from Jason and this is how the weapons actually look like and they have also the very fantastic blood splash details.

And the above picture will be the last picture for this review and it shows the mini figure like Freddy himself but i don't really know why they made it !!! But it looks awesome as well.

Well with that i'll be back for more interesting toy reviews soon.

Cheerzzz !!!!

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