Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sponge Bob Square Pants From Mcdonald's Happy Meal Purchase !!!!! 2 toys each week collect all 8 !!!!!

Hello there people just got my hands on Sponge bob square pants toys this week from Mcdonald's. This is one unique collection for this exclusive toy collection. Although Mcdonald's is for kids as an adult i can't get my eyes off the toys !!!! Thanks to Mcdonald's we have this limited edition toys which are only available the week they have the promotion on Mcdonald's !!!!

Well i have asked the Staff of McDonald's toys recently so every thursday is the change date of the toys. So you gotta get the toys before the thursday changes !!!!

Well let me show you the pictures first !!!!!!

Well this is the Karate Sponge bob for this week !!!!

These pictures above are the toys in the package !!!!!

Well as usual i am buying extra's for keeps !!!

Well just see the above poster according to sequence. Expand the picture above for a clearer view !!!!

The orders are in the numbers above .... the toys are 2 each week !!!! So if you see numbers 1 and 2 are the week 1 toys and if you see 3 and 4 they are week 2 toys and so on .... So for this week is number 1 and 2 which is one of the toys i have showed you in the post above this pictures earlier.

So total there are 8 toys to collect.

So be sure to collect them all !!!! Cheerzzz people !!!!