Sunday, May 26, 2013

NECA Cult Classics Hall of Fame Set of 4 Figures Complete !!!!!

Hi there just got my Cult classics hall of fame set of 4 from NECA.

This is a very old classic toys any movie action figure collector must have or own. These are made from Neca and not Mcfarlane !!!!

They are of similar capacity in making this kinda toys but now NECA has taken over in this cool industry.

With that i'll present you this set of 4 complete !!! Check it out !!!

Above is Freddy Krueger from the Wes Craven's New Nightmare or also known as the Nightmare on Elm street which was earlier. 

The next if Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th based on the first classic movie of how Jason was created !!! This is one collectors item as it has interchangeable heads and a cool stand as well.

The next will be the the Classic first movie called the Crow which was based on Brandon lee as Eric Draven.

This is also a very cool collectible with all the accessories with it and a display stand as well.

And the last will be the Hellraiser based movie character called Pinhead.

Well this is the complete set of 4 for this particular collection !!!!

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Well the above is the link for your support and i'll be back for more reviews and thanks for your continued support and views. Cheerzz !!! People !!!!