Saturday, May 18, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Skystalker Review !!!!!!

Hi i'm back with the regular Transformers Reviews. Well this time it's the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters. This guy is called Skystalker. He is a Bluish and icy frosted looking Dragon. He is a cool toy to have in this line !!! And I didn't want to waste time so much and just get into the review right away !!!!

Look at the fantastic colors on this guy !!! He is like so Bluish and icy looking doesn't he ?

By the way his wings go on top of his head which makes it a bit difficult to get him in a cool pose as he looses balance when tried in different standing positions.

So unfortunately i couldn't make more poses for him !!! Damn !!! But generally it's a cool looking robot !!!

Don't ask me why but i have to admit for a side pose which i regularly do with my other toy reviews Skystalker in this side pose looks really awesome !!!

The Round discs which can be seen white in color attached to his wings can be removed from Skystalker as it is meant to be fired from his wings.

Just look at the awesome close up of Skystalker's head !!! Well actually the Jaw of his beast mode has to opened up wide to reveal his head cos his head is in the Beast's mouth unfortunately !!!

The next few pictures will be the Beast mode of Skystalker which is equally awesome as well.

And the next few pictures will feature just that below this line.

And now let me present you the Beast Dragon Mode of Skystalker.

The head sculpt and the overall icy blue look is really awesome in Skystalker's Beast mode as well.

Well from the above picture he look like a Panther about to pounce and for me when i look at him in this particular angle he seems to be some kinda' Panther Dragon !!!!

But don't get me wrong it's still cool and more over he is very compact and petite in size as well.

Not as bulky as what most dragon toys are like Predaking for example .....

Above is the top view of Skystalker. 

And the picture above is the Beast Mode close up of Skystalkers head.

Look at the awesome details on this guy. He really looks so fierce and has the real beast Predacon look !!! Look at the details of his teeth as well. It's really cool with his head sculpt in Beast mode.

Well the picture above was the last picture for this review. I'll be back for more so stay right here and support me if you want more toys and reviews people as i am always full of surprises !!!

With that good day people and Cheerzz !!!

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