Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MOTU Classics Karatti Action Figure Review !!!!!!!!

Hello there people i have been posting a lot of stuff in facebook lately and hope you guys like what you see...with that i have come with another review of my ongoing MOTU Classics collections !!! This time is karatti and he is sold out in Mattycollector as usual.

Well this is the review of the Karatti figure below this header !!!

This figure fascinates me even though i'm a collector myself !!!

Just look at the colors on him !!! Awesome !!!

Well if you noticed in the New Adventures of He-man itself  !!!! Karatti was exactly as what you see here but his colors were a bit dull bluish in color if you remember . Well if you don't then you can see the picture below this header ...

Yes the above picture is what he looks like in the New Adventures of He-man !!! back in 1989 !!!!

But his designs are rather similar for the MOTU Classics Version but his wired black eye sacks makes his eyes look weird !!! As you can see it is whit in the above cartoon image but as for the MOTU Classics version you can't see his inner eyes at all it's all black in color ... well you will understand that more clearly when you see the close up of Karatti .

Karatti comes with 2 weapons !!! Well his weapon as you can see is the chisel type of axe which is on his right arm.

Another one is the sword type of long black knife .

The MOTU Classics action figures based on the New Adventures of He-man have all the Space type of feel with the very futuristic space armors and stuff !!!! As you can see above !!! Well i wanted to ask you guys out there what type of creature was Karatti. Well enlighten me with an answer at my comments sections as i don't know what type of creature he is. And look at the prange style dreadlocks of his hair !!! That is really awesome to the details as well and moreover is that hair at all or a space creatures tentacles sticking out of his head ???

Well like i said this is the Knife which is another accessory for him as well .

As you can see from the above picture he looks green in color which is really cool as well. The colors on this figure are really bright. And the armor from his body can removed to expose this creatures body.

Like is said to you earlier this is the way he looks in close up view and you can't really see his eyes.

But oh well this picture will be the last for this review. And let me tell ya this is one figure you shouldn't miss for the world !!!

Get it as soon as possible before his price goes up like any other MOTU classics limited edition figure as they will be rare soon.

With that i'll let you review and enjoy this toy review on your own time !!!

Cheerzz people !!!!

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