Sunday, September 30, 2012

Flick Trix Mini Bicycles Sold for the First time in Toys "R" Us Singapore !!!!!!

Hello there people went to Toys "R" Us Singapore today around my neighbourhood today and was really surprised that they sold Flick Trix Mini bicycles !!!! I think they are trying out the market to see whether these bikes were actually sellable so they brought in a reasonably small quantity. But never the less i have brought these bike back in the USA and Canada some years back and boy they are awesomely cool.

Just to show you 2 Master pieces which i bought myself. These are actually scale models of the actual stunt bikes which you see some stunt bikers have themselves.And i am really happy that these scaled models have actually hit the retail commercially here in Asia.

This is another series from the Flick Trix Collection called Bomber bikes. It's totally out of this world. The design is really awesome and you must take note that all the bike parts are all diecast and can be used to do several stunts with you hands.

This is the back of the package of the Bomber bike from the above picture.

And here coming up next is the picture of my bike taken out of the package it's the first bike which is called the GT Pro Performer Retro design bike. You must take note that these bikes are just the size of my hands. 

Just to give you the feel of having this toy in my possession...well i must say the feeling is really awesome and i really feel so excited to get more mini-bikes like this into my ongoing toy collections so very much.

You can see more size and detailed specs of this toy on my Youtube channel where i have taken the toy out of the package for a full video review of the movement and the entire bicycles features as well.

Rest assured make sure you don't buy this for you toddler or kid below the age of 9 !!! simply because it has small parts which can easily choke and average small kid. And this is simply an adult toy collection thing. It's meant for brief play and to be displayed in a show case of small mini bikes.

Well more toys are coming up here in my bog so keep it here people and i will see you all really soon. Happy toy collecting.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

MOTU Classics She-ra Action Figure Mix with Bubble Power She-ra to make the perfect She-ra Action Figure !!!!!

Hello i'm back with another review of one of my favorite toy lines since Transformers and others, my ongoing   collection of Masters Of The Universe (M.O.T.U) Classics Action figures.This time i have got one action figure which is one of the most important characters in the Masters Of The Universe world. And if you guessed it correct yup that's She-ra. She-ra being He-man's sister and the princess of power which was one of the main icons for kid's and followers like me in the 80's will definitely get her like what i did. And boy i never ever regretted it, and i know definitely you won't too.

Well i will dive into it straight with my awesome She-ra Action figure review.

And this is her below....

Isn't she awesome or what !!!! And isn't she one of a kind action figure which you must have in your hands ???

When i got her out of the package and started posing her with her different type of standing positions and fitting her sword and other stuff i was really fascinated with the articulation of the toy itself and it's different type of colors and make up this action figure has been given to bring out her feminine side so well. I must say they did such an awesome job.

I really like the crown and the dress She-ra wears and the the way her whole body looks like. It's such a fantastic display item in the making,and you must put her up in a glass case with bright lighting to bring out this action figure's personality.

This was another posture i made of She-ra holding her power sword. Her boots as you can see has very nice crafted details and the coloring is very consistent with her skin tone and dress color.

If you noticed from the poses i did of her in different angles from the right,left and center. Observe her face properly. If you noticed her facial features it is so well done that even in which direction you turn her face her eyes seem to be looking in what ever direction i turn her, doesn't it ????

Got you all the angled top view of She-ra and i must tell you this action figure has real personality in forms of the action figures make up and sexiness as well. All these qualities has been captured in one charismatic sexy action figure She-ra. I'm speechless.

And her close up from upfront. He eyes are really gorgeous don't you think .....

Just wanted to make an extra pose for all of you She-ra fans out there. This will be the last picture for this cool toy review of She-ra and i must say to you now and i won't ever say this again. Go get your She-ra action figure today cos she is really worth buying. And she has so many interesting thing to offer to the average toy collector and a die hard He-man, Masters Of The Universe fan. And she will definitely be very appealing to even female toy collectors as well.

I'm buying extra's to make a storyline with the Master Of The Universe toys and make it dramatic in my displays of this awesome action figures to make them look how the Masters Of The Universe toys should look like. Wit that i end this awesome toy review and i will be back for more toy reviews and other intersting stuff for you all to look forward too. I will be constantly updating facebook and my blog and my youtube channels with all my cool toy reviews and i will make more reviews as well for you toy lovers out there. So I will be back later. Cherzzz !!!! and Enjoy !!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

M.A.S.K Dynamo European version Brand new in package never been opened up before !!!!

Just got one of my hot toys today from the 80's era like what i had promised all of you before about showing it to all of you well this is one of it.

This is like one of the most vintage toys which you won't be able to get that easily.

Its completely sealed and has never been opened up before.

It's from the series 2 of the M.A.S.K Vehicle collection.It's called Dynamo.

As you can see from the side view here that this toy hasn't been opened up before and it's exterior box packaging is superior as well, considering this toy being a few centuries old.

And this is the top of the package showing you the actual vehicle inside the package.

As you know now that Kenner doesn't even exist anymore. So it's really a treasure to get this toy into my hands and since i was growing up in the 80's this is one of my pride and joy as a kid and as an adult as well.

And i'm so happy to share with all of you guys out there.

Well i'm very excited right now as i'm gonna feature more interesting collections old and new time to time, and be sweetly taken by my surprise reviews. Well till then .....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vintage M.A.S.K Firefly with Dr Julio Lopez

Dear Toy lovers as such i had made the promise to you about the Vintage toys from the 80's. This is one vehicle i wanted to show you.

It's the Classic M.A.S.K Firefly vehicle with Dr Julio Lopez action figure.

Without furthur ado i shall continue with this Vintage toy Review.

Next i'm gonna show you the attack mode transformation from Car to a plane.

I even have the small missile which comes with this vehicle.

Even the front part of the vehicle can be opened up to reveal the Guns at the Front.

And this is the look at the back of Firefly.

So this will be my last picture for this review. There will be more to come out other days very soon.

So hope you all enjoyed this classic Vintage toy review.

I have ordered a bunch of 80's toy and vintage toys also from the 80's so that makes any adult relive his moment during the 80's .

Cheerzzz  and see you all later

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Hordak Action Figure review !!!!!

Hello there people i am back yet with another review of my favorite toy from the MOTU Classics Action figure line which i would like to share with you and also would like to show you as well in my ongoing toy collections.

This is none other then the Evil Horde's Hordak.

Hordak was mostly featured during the She-ra Filmation 80's Cartoon. He was the main villian to She-ra and her rebels in the Great Rebellion.But towards the modern 200X Series of He-man, Hordak was even an enemy to He-man's and She-ra's ancestor King Grayskull !!!!! way before even He-man or she-ra were ever born. I wonder why they changed the story that way but Masters Of The Universe will always be cool whether if they were bad or good guys !!!!

Well this is Hordak i have featured here.

Although i must say Hordak in the above picture is really awesome but the color like what he was in the Classic Filmation series isn't there at all. He was a blue and white type of color character in the Classic series. But his face and overall body armor still looks equally similar to his Classic cartoon look with a touch of color from the 200X He-man series in 2002.

The side of his arm there is an evil Horde Strap on but this arm band can't be removed. It was meant to be put at the arms not enabling removal.

And here from the back as you can see is his Red Cape which in the Classic Filmation Series was either not on him or it was Black in color.

Hordak comes with 3 accessories in his action figure package and this is one of them.

A bow type of weapon.

You must take note that this weapon doesn't fire at all. It's just meant to be a stationery non-movable weapon. 

This is also one of another accessory thing which comes with Hordak. It's a red color eagle type of thing which closely resembles imp his small right hand man in the She-ra series. But yet again imp is blue in color in this version he is completely red !!!!!

And here is the final weapon accessory which comes with Hordak, His Magical Staff. though i have never seen him having it in the Cartoon itself him having his Staff. I always remembered Hordak always Transforming into a rocket a tank and several other vehicles to attack She-ra and his hands always had interchangeable weapons.

I think this was just given to make him look complete.

Well last but not least an extreme close up of Hordak before i wrap up this review for now.

Well as i said and promised before i will be showing you all the vintage toys from the olden times some posts ago. And be surprised with some new old vintage toys for review here in my blog as well.

Masters of the Universe Fans and others please follow my Masters of the Universe toy Fan pages. The link can be found st the side of this blog.

Thanks for viewing and i will see you all really soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Transformers Prime Airachnid Review Exclusive !!!!!

Transformers Prime has come a long way and this was one of the Characters i was waiting for to be released  for some time. Although i heard that this character was released earlier but in small quantity but i didn't manage to get her and moreover i also found out that it was already gone by the time i got it. Well this time she was also the last piece and i quickly got her before she was gone forever.

I am speaking about none other then Airachnid.

Yes finally got her to Transform for this review for you all !!!!

Generally Airachnid is easy to Transform and she closely Resembles her original color like in the animated series itself. But there are some minor stuff which i was actually wasn't familiar with when i first got her. Actually some of my collectors around the world were actually not quite thrilled with this Character and i will explain why in my later details with this review.

A view from the back of her tentacles which relates to her spider like look.

Here as you can see are the weapons which can be attached to her hands and it looks like some kinda claw type of Crab Jaw which is quite cool on her, actually.

If you are seeing why this images and poses look kinda same is because like what i previously was talking about. This particular character is not flexible. She is very stiff and straight in her joints and i can't seem to move her much to give you all a proper pose for a nice cool shot !!!!! The toy itself looks quite articulated but the real toy itself has really very stiff parts which can't be moved at all starting from her waist.

Here as you can see her weapons can also be interchanged in the other direction as well to suit your choice of fitting her accordingly.

And look at the close up of Airachnid . Simply awesome. Her face sculpt is so accurate to the animated series as well and one of the most favorite part of this robot entirely.

Next i will be showing you the vehicle Helicopter mode of Airachnid.

The back of the Helicopter mode of Airachnid.

Next i will show the weapons going on her Helicopter vehicle mode interchanged and also the normal upright position.

The picture above is the last picture for this particular review but don't worry there are more in the weeks to come. Well as for me Airachnid was a clear disappointment to me as a toy collector as i am not really impressed with the bad articulation part of Airachnid which makes it hard for me to move and pose her. Though she may be a disappointment i still have to get her as she is one of the important characters to make the Decepticons complete in the animated series.

As far as i am concerned she makes a very great display item for your collection but you can't buy her for the kids as she would bore the average kid and also the kids won't be impressed much especially there are much better characters like soundwave , Bulkhead and knockout which are much more articulated in their joints and not forgetting Wheeljack who can be moved very well with his swords.

Well i'll be back watch out for me for more exciting reviews.