Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recap of the Vintage toys from the 80's !!!!

Dear all of you toy lovers out there i would like to share and relive my childhood memories again with all of you especially the people born between the early 70's and have lived through the 80's era as a child, well this is all for you ,cos i wanted to share my oh so personal collections of toys through out my childhood which has captured my heart and still like them up till now. As i am a toy collector from a very early age i also love playing with them as well up till now, and i think this thing will never end for me as long as toys and collectors like us are still around.

I'll now show you a few of my collections which i will feature in the coming days and weeks that follow and be in for a surprise as i will feature a vintage toy every week from the pictures you will see after this post.

Starcom will always be one of my favorite toy line from the 80's as they were one of the most creative and innovative toy of that time and they really had a unique design and touch to them as well. I really loved thier planes and fighter jets having a spaceship type of style and also who can ever forget their magnetic action figures.

Visionaries was also one of my favorite toys as they had those hologram type of figures sticking out their staffs and chests. The vehicle were rather limited but they had quite a number of good cool action figures at that time and the cartoons at that time was also equally fantastic !!!!

And who can ever forget an old time classic M.A.S.K which was actually the starter of it all in terms of nice cool vehicles and very cool action figures with helmets.

And the cool transformation of vehicles to attack mode which also transforms to another form. Boy that was cool.

With this i will end this post and i will feature all the cool toys from this unique series every week and more each week if there are none other new toys at the moment but i will still review them concurrently so you don't miss out the new stuff while still showing you the vintage stuff which i really would like all of you guys to relive that glorious moment from the 80's man !!!! Cool !!!! Cheerzz and laterzzz !!!!