Tuesday, September 25, 2012

M.A.S.K Dynamo European version Brand new in package never been opened up before !!!!

Just got one of my hot toys today from the 80's era like what i had promised all of you before about showing it to all of you well this is one of it.

This is like one of the most vintage toys which you won't be able to get that easily.

Its completely sealed and has never been opened up before.

It's from the series 2 of the M.A.S.K Vehicle collection.It's called Dynamo.

As you can see from the side view here that this toy hasn't been opened up before and it's exterior box packaging is superior as well, considering this toy being a few centuries old.

And this is the top of the package showing you the actual vehicle inside the package.

As you know now that Kenner doesn't even exist anymore. So it's really a treasure to get this toy into my hands and since i was growing up in the 80's this is one of my pride and joy as a kid and as an adult as well.

And i'm so happy to share with all of you guys out there.

Well i'm very excited right now as i'm gonna feature more interesting collections old and new time to time, and be sweetly taken by my surprise reviews. Well till then .....