Sunday, January 1, 2012

Transformers PRIME Exclusive Update !!!! Arcee

This is Arcee from Transformers prime Series.

Arcee starts her adventure immediately when the Transformers PRIME Series kicks off. She and cliffjumper are the 2 characters which emerge in the opening of the show, and Arcee became the most popular toy in the shops to get sold out first !!!!!

Arcee  is a cool character to me as she is given a very good touch to her character in the series and also she is been given  a cool mode as well to transform to. The colors of the toy of this particular character is amazing and well balanced.

Arcee as you see is quite flexible as a toy itself. She can be moved and many ways she isn't very rigid and because she has a very thin long like structure she can be adjusted and brought to a certain way you can make some really cool poses with her postures and movements too.

As you can see here her feet look like high heels in this posture and Hasbro has done a good job in making it look this way. A very lady like looking robot. Arcee has been made very popular in this particular Transformers PRIME Series. And she has gotten much publicity and popularity then before. She wasn't popular in the Transformers movie and earlier versions too. Hasbro definitely has a way to make a particular character popular by giving the robot a  fantastic story and fantastic finishing and design too.

As you can see here in this particular picture Arcee has been given so much accuracy that the eyes look so much in detail. If you see her in the Transformers PRIME Series she looks exactly the same as she is in the series itself. And her autobot logo on her neck look so much like a chain then a logo. That has been given a fantastic design and such good imagination and innovation !!!!!

Some Really cool poses of her. I find it so easy to move her parts and move her limbs so that i can get her to the pose i want her to be. Arcee is so cool in the above pose i made especially for her. Hope you fans out there can relate to this particular post.

Arcee is great has a display item too she fits well in the display stand here as you can see and has fantastic posture and if you were to put her in a display showcase that would be the best. Some lighting will enhance her face and overall body colors.

As you can see here are the blades from the side of the bike becoming her weapon which clings on to her arms as she prepares for attack .

This picture here you will have a more clearer look of how her blades goes into her arms and fits in very nicely.

And this ladies and gentlemen is the form Arcee becomes when she is in vehicle mode.

I must admit something to you fellow collectors and fans out there that i have never had a passion for bikes when it comes to collecting transformers toys. It's mostly just cars, Suv's trucks and jets but not bikes for sure. But the unique look of the Motorbike which Arcee transforms into is absolutely fantastic. And it really looks amazing when i took pictures of it to show you guys.

Look at the exhaust pipes in Arcee's bike form made with precision and looks so real who would ever think that this Motorbike actually is a robot in disguise!!!!

This would be my first bike in the entire collections of Transformers toys through the many centuries this toys have evolved.

As you can see the blades on Arcee's hands in my earlier pictures fits into the side of her bike as extensions and fits in perfectly and now the bike look like a modified Muscle bike don't you think.

This is the other side of her Blade fitting into the side of the Morobike.

If i were to put this Bike on a road track and took a photograph i think it would really look like a real motorbike on the road. Hasbro has done some Extreme engineering in this particular toy and has made it really authentic in it's overall look. Great job !!!!

If you are a true Fan Of Transformers PRIME and Transformers in General go get this toy and play with it. Seriously it's really fun and also it's an important in the transformers timeline. Arcee has been around ever since Generation 1. And she is an old character and a classic too if you ask me. Arcee is sometimes sold out in the shops nowadays because she is hottest character and the first character to come out in the  Tansformers PRIME Series. So go get your Arcee today. Or maybe as soon as possible.

Don't regret it !!!!

More toy reviews coming your way.

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