Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transformation Bash Party !!!!!

Today i and my friend had a Transformers Toys Transformation Bash. We brought some of our toys from our own collection an started Transforming them for almost 6 hours. Our heads were very heavy and tired after that and we went back home. Couldn't take the pressure of transforming so many toys. Boy it's alot of work transforming !!!! especially when it comes to several number of toys !!!! We did it in Starbucks sipping our coffee away and thinking and figuring out how some toys just fit into the way they are transformed into. Well i did the royalty of showing you off some of the pictures i had taken of our little Transformers Transforming Bash party !!!!

This is of course as you all know our Transformers Prime Optimus Prime Voyager. I  must tell you this is one great toy to have and to collect too. It's really cool. I'll let you have the overall look at the toy in my next picture.

Yes the overall big picture of Optimus Prime Voyager from Transformers PRIME.

All the leaders of Transformers DOTM Movie toys . Fun Fun Fun !!!!

Above is the Human Alliance Shadow blade Sideswipe which i and my Friend were trying very hard to Transform !!!! Firstly the parts are very fragile and extremely tight but only substantial force can be used to separate the parts of the toy as we were afraid it would break or something. And the toys are also very fragile too !!!! That was the most tedious and tiring part in today's transformation process. Phew !!!

Last but not least i wanted to show you people about the Masterpiece i just got in the shops today.
It's the Hunt for the decepticons Starscream . It's the leader class and i can't wait to transform it. But not today, cos i'm tired of all the transformations i did today and won't be transforming robots anytime soon until the end of the week. So hope you guys can put up with me for awhile while i try to update my blog here by end of the week or even maybe earlier. I assure you this is not the end people. Yes be Reassured !!!!

And wanted to show you the close up of the Starscream i got Today !!!!

Hope you guys like it as much as i am showing this great master piece to you .

Enjoy the weekend coming up soon and i'll be back for more reviews. Come on man it's just the beginning of the year . There is more toys for the rest of the year of 2012 right !!!! Yes that's for sure, especially when there is a collector like me who is always on the hunt for Transformers toys !!!!

Cheerzzz !!! Later .

Oh yeah Did another stop motion animation for you guys in my Youtube Channel Enjoy !!!!