Monday, September 23, 2013

MOTU Classics Batros Action Figure Review !!!!!!!

Hello there people and i'm back with a big bang and the MOTU Classics review has come back !!! Well at least for this review .... this is my latest collection just arrived and i have been so excited about it !!!

This is none other then the new MOTU Classics Club Filmaton Action figure !!!

This is one figure which is so uniquely colored and very well articulated as far as i am concerned with some interesting color combinations and presentations then the usual action figure.

This is none other then Batros !!!! Who just appeared in one episode from the 80's He-man Episode and well here he is.

Batros is a very well colored and brightly colored action figure and he really is show accurate as you can see right here.

The Representations are awesome !!!!

As you can see from the side view here the wings on Batros are permanently attached to his upper arms.

It is a soft plastic which can be bent to simulate some interesting poses but other then that that's a permanent fixture.

From the rear as you see above the upper part of his wings are black and the under part or the bottom side of the wings are a bright red color.

The purple colored body is very consistent with the action figure and moreover all the body parts of this guy are the same as any other MOTU Classics Action figure articulation.

Even the nails on Batros have a black nail polish and it goes well with his purple colored hands.

As you can see above the extra accessory which comes with Batros is his weapon above. It's also made of a soft plastic bendable overall but the red spikes are rather 70% stiff and it may injure kids if played with or showed near the eye.

So be careful of that but other then that this weapon wasn't featured in the animated series back in the 80's though. So this is just another extra make for this guy.

Well on the above picture as you see the armor can be removed quite easily and you gotta lift up his head piece and remove it before you start to unbuckle his armor.

And as you ass the articulation of the body is a very regular piece like the ones with other figures from the MOTU Classics line up.

And last but not least is the close up of Batros. Face articulation is really awesome.

A thing to take note of is Batros has a chest plate shaped like the horde logo but doesn't have the evil horde's face logo. It's just a plain bat shaped icon that's all .... and i guess that's why he is called Batros i guess !!!! Well leave me comments here and i have featured the video review of Batros as well so enjoy the review and hope you get this guy before he is all gone forever. With that Cheerzzz People and i will be back for more you bet !!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutagen Ooze Pack with one Bonus Mini Turtle Review !!!!!

Hey there people back with another review of yet another slime toy !!! This time it's the Nickelodeon Version of Slime called Mutagen Ooze which comes in a shiny metallic bluish color fluid form.

It has one turtle inside which is a bonus for this package !!!!

And the mini turtles are all random so you will never know which one you will get.

Well let me show you the package !!!

Well this is the front of the package saying that it is Mutagen ooze.

Well for this year i have seen lots of toys coming out with this color goo, ooze or slime concept. It has gotten very popular lately but every toy's concept of this slimy stuff varies in colors and design altogether.

It has a more unique concept apart from each other.

The Mutagen Ooze from the Ninja turtles pack is in a form of a Tube. Like it's a radioctive look which mutates the turtles as they are to the Ninja Turtles.

Well as you can see the lids are very secure so you gotta put back the Oooze back into this tube after yop have played with it.

That is to prevent the Ooze from drying up all together and then you would have no more ooze to play with !!!

Well i have done a video of this toy so you will have an idea of this toy as picture review for this particular toy wouldn't be enough to explain the whole process !!! Well with that i'll end this review and be back for more till then Cheerzzz People !!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Panini Road to the FIFA World cup Brazil 2014 Rare sticker sales and sticker updates !!!!!

Well it's been a long time since i last posted but don't worry i'm always here. It's just that i'm doing some stuff which makes me slow down. Well as you all know it i always return with a bang. This time i can tell you that my Panini Road to the FIFA Worldcup Brazil 2014 Sticker album is almost complete and i will complete it soon as i am left with the final 9 stickers. And boy do i have so many extra stickers with me !!! So i'm selling them here.

Anybody who wants this can leave me a comment or a message and i will get back to you asap.

This is German player # 54 Miroslav Klose !!!! I finally have him in extra and the last one i should say.

And the lots above here are some rare stickers from the sticker album as well.

It's all for sale so contact me for details while i will finalise my completion of the sticker album itself !!!

Well with that i'll end this posting and will be back for other toy updates.

Cheerzz people !!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Panini Road to the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Sticker box and rare sticker sales updates !!!!

Hello there people had a break for a while as it is the monsoon season here in singapore and i just wanted to still update you on the various things i'm still collecting as for now. Toy updates will be put a bit back later as i can only take pictures and feature them here if it isn't raining.

Well as for that !!! This is the update of my latest craze and collecting agenda !!! the Panini Road to the FIFA Worldcup Brazil 2014 !!! I am left with just 46 stickers to complete !!! Yeah  !!! I will update you on the completed status of the whole book.

I will feature here the whole box of stickers here.

And you can contact me for sale on these stickers.

Now let me show you the sticker box containing the 50 sticker packets.

Each packet contains 5 stickers and 50 packets has 250 stickers in total and that isn't enough to complete your collection as you need 410 stickers to complete the whole book.

Well above as you can see there are labels of different countries where the price is being listed.

And you can see the label at the bottom left stating 50 which is the 50 sticker packets in this box.

Well below are the rare stickers i have for sale !!! 

From the top left is #38 Philipp Lahm, #72 Lionel Messi, #132 Carles Puyol and #124 Wayne Rooney.

All these stickers are for sale !!!

I will do a slide show very soon on youtube of the whole collection of stickers from numbers 1 to 410 and be surprised.

Well with that i shall leave you and i will be back very soon.

Cheerzzz and laterzzz !!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Panini Road to 2014 World Cup Brazil Sticker Album Review !!!!

Hello there people back again with my posts !!!! Well this time it's another favorite of mine from a very young age like the toys i'm addicted too as well.

This is a passion as well and a mad obsession i tell ya. It's the Panini brand sticker collections from the 80's ...till now. And this company is still going strong sticker album collections which are still very much addictive to kids and adults like myself !!!!

Well this is the road to world cup 2014 brazil sticker album which is an initial follow up preview before the actual world cup in brazil next year. These are the picture below of the sticker album !!!

Well above is the picture of the packets containing the stickers which is need to be pasted on the book.

Well i got my self plenty of them !!!!

And the next few pictures are the various players which are featured in stickers as well which you may or may not be familiar with !!!!

Well with that as you can see right here it will be the end of this posting for this part.

I intend to complete this book and sticker album complete with all the players and all the stickers which comes with it. And i may be selling the completed album to all you guys if you want them !!!

I will also feature extra stickers sales as well so feel free to leave me a comment or interest on the various stickers you are interested in and leave me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Well with that cheerzz people and see ya laterzz !!!