Monday, September 9, 2013

Panini Road to the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Sticker box and rare sticker sales updates !!!!

Hello there people had a break for a while as it is the monsoon season here in singapore and i just wanted to still update you on the various things i'm still collecting as for now. Toy updates will be put a bit back later as i can only take pictures and feature them here if it isn't raining.

Well as for that !!! This is the update of my latest craze and collecting agenda !!! the Panini Road to the FIFA Worldcup Brazil 2014 !!! I am left with just 46 stickers to complete !!! Yeah  !!! I will update you on the completed status of the whole book.

I will feature here the whole box of stickers here.

And you can contact me for sale on these stickers.

Now let me show you the sticker box containing the 50 sticker packets.

Each packet contains 5 stickers and 50 packets has 250 stickers in total and that isn't enough to complete your collection as you need 410 stickers to complete the whole book.

Well above as you can see there are labels of different countries where the price is being listed.

And you can see the label at the bottom left stating 50 which is the 50 sticker packets in this box.

Well below are the rare stickers i have for sale !!! 

From the top left is #38 Philipp Lahm, #72 Lionel Messi, #132 Carles Puyol and #124 Wayne Rooney.

All these stickers are for sale !!!

I will do a slide show very soon on youtube of the whole collection of stickers from numbers 1 to 410 and be surprised.

Well with that i shall leave you and i will be back very soon.

Cheerzzz and laterzzz !!!!

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