Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Masters Of The Universe 200X Version Snake Armor He-man !!! Reviews !!!

Let me introduce to you this Masters Of the Universe 200X version of the Snake Armor He-man.

This one is really popular is simply because of the Sword !!!

Snake Armor He-man's sword opens up and a missile shoots out like in the animated series which was more then a decade ago !!!

As you can see this is the front part of the package.

Below is the Snake Armor He-man Out of the Package. The Prblem with this figure mainly is to get it balanced with the sword on He-man's hand.

You gotta use some blue tag to keep him balanced as the sword is kinda heavy for him and the figure looses balance.

But Overall if you were to ask me this is one of the most awesome figures to have.

He is unique and this kind of figure and sword will never be produced again.

The back of the Figure.

Now i will go in details of the sword.

The Sword for this particular He-man is very unique.

Like in the animated series the sword turns like as like any other he-man sword from this same 200X Toyline.

But it's much Larger and more detailed i would say.

This is when the sword is shut. Please take note that there are no buttons to actually open up the sword. It's manual !!! So don't go finding a button to open up the sword cos you gotta use your hands to do that.

So once opened up you see a green missile in between the sword.

Just above the He-man logo in red is the round circled button to shoot the missile.

That isn't manual !!!!

Once you Shoot the missile it looks like this as the above picture.

You gotta push it back into the spring to reshoot it again.

Now i will show you the 2 swords which have big differences.

The normal He-man sword from this toy line compared with the Snake Armor He-man version.

See the differences above. The size is really double of the normal sword.

That is why the Snake Armor He-man is very unbalanced when he is holding his sword.

So well. This figure is rare and really cool.

It's a good edition for any He-man Fan.

Hope you enjoy my review.

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