Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Transformers Thrilling 30 Remake of the Beast Wars Voyager Rhinox !!! An awesome toy !!!

Hello there people i have dissappeared long enough to keep you wondering where the hell i went.

Well i'm still here just busy thats all !!!

I am back with a toy which you might find interesting for you Transformers fans and collectors out there.

Well as far as i am concerned i have never like Beast wars animated series which was shown in the late 90's close to the millenium .... but there were several characters at that time which i still liked.

One of them was the Beast Megatron and they recently a made a reproduction of the Heroic Maximal Rhinox !!!! Yeah you got that right !!!! 

And this is a review of the toy in the package and i will be back very soon.

As you see above this is the front of the package of the voyager Rhinox and he still is given the classic Maximal logo instead of the regular Autobot Logo.

And at the back of the package as you can see you will spot the beast mode of Rhinox !!!

One of the best Remake so far from the past.

Well hope you enjoy my slightly short into here.

I will be back soon so cheerzz and keep it here where i will always remain for all of you toy collectors out there !!!!

Thank you and cheerzz !!!

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