Saturday, December 29, 2012

Transformers Prime (Robots in Disguise) Thundertron Long Review !!!!

Hello back again with a vengeance !!!! Well just recently purchased this hot guy and boy is he in small quantity !!! He isn't released in the Transformers Prime just as yet but he is kinda hot to me as he is the only first Beast mode since Beast wars in the 90's. This guy looks a bit like the Fallen and Sentinel Prime combined. I wonder whether he is associated with Leo Prime....but he is kinda unique in robot and beast mode as well.

I suppose we shall know even further details when the Transformers Prime Commences into the series.

Well i got this guy and i think all you guys will like this awfully long review of this guy.

He is none other then Thundertron !!!! They call him a Starseeker. But i wonder whether he is an autobot or decepticon !!!! Well Transformers Prime will tell us all i guess.

Isn't he cool or what !!!!

The colors for this guy is really awesome !!! Very light colors which really brightens up the character it self and it seems that he's made such a way that he looks like he is glowing !!!!

The Back view of Thundertron. Well his back look also looks fantastic to me.

I think so far this is the only first Transformers Prime character which has a very beast lord type of look with a very unique design touch to it in the voyagers so far.

Behind you can see his tail hanging down well that is actually the tail which becomes his tail when he is in Beast mode !!!!

The Close up of Thundertron !!!!

As you can see here he is made to look like a sorcerer !!! The type of Sorcerer with a Samurai master look !!!! And the Bluish type of effect on his face is his beard and moustache !!!!

As you can see here Thundertron comes with a weapon which has also has batteries in it to make him light up !!!! This time is a sword ..... a very long sword which attaches to his side of both arms as you will see in my follow up pictures.

Like i said the long sword weapon can also go on the other side of the arm as well.

As for this picture above you can see that the weapon can be put at this back. See the pointed end of the sword sticking out behind his head. Another unique thing about Thundertron is that his sword is somewhat similar to Optimus Prime but much longer and deadlier !!!! And it really extends to be an awesome weapon for this particular character.

This is the thing which i was talking about before regarding the picture above. The weapon can be attached to the back like this. Well it doesn't really give him a balancing issue because his claw like legs makes him balance very well. So you'd probably won't have much issues of balancing him to make a pose.

The Next Few pictures below this post will be the Beast mode of Thundertron.
Not a vehicle mode !!!

Yup and this is the beast !!!! A lion actually. But don't you think the lion looks kinda' Egyptian  looking ???

Well that is why i told you guys they have made Transformers Prime toys with a whole lotta unique designs one of which most of of really haven't seen of thought of before. The Concept of Vehicle and Animals are about the same but the designs are way different from the common Designs before !!!! Don't you think ???

The Close up of Thundertron in Beast Mode !!!! with his fiery Claws !!!!

A top view of Thundertron. The only thing i find kinda weird is that The Pointy things at the back of his legs from the side view is that it makes him look like a mantis !!!! I wonder why they didn't make those two pointy things foldable so that it would blend in with his hind he looks like a beast mixed with insecticon mode.

Well this is where the weapon for Thundertron Fits in from the top.

Well you gotta point the weapon facing the front of his head.

Well the Above picture is the one i told you about !!!! This is the Starseekers Logo. The Sharp pointed edge looks like a Decepticon logo combined with an Autobot looking face with a pirate looking crossbow slash at the bottom.

Well go figure !!!!

With that this will be the end of my review for this character from Transformers Prime .... I think the robot mode of this character is better looking then the beast mode... well that is for me !!! Well it still is individual preference.

And i think you should get this this guy cos my prediction and gut feeling tells me he will be popular if he comes out in the series itself. And since his is in much lesser quantity he may be the first one to get sold out. See what happened to the first edition version of Optimus Prime...he is completely scarce right now and i think this will be too as well for Thundertron. Well don't get disappointed if you don't get him. I have already done this review for all of you to get the picture of the overall look of the toy so i hope you will all decide to get it as well. With that i end this long review and i'll be back for more Transformers as i always do.

And an advance New year !!!! To all ya toy collectors !!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Transformers Prime (Robots in Disguise) Voyager Dreadwing Long Review !!!!!

It's been quite a while since i reviewed Transformers but this blog was especially dedicated to Transformers Toys cos it's always has been everybody's favorite even though you may have other toy collections as well. So as such i will still review Transformers Toys and other type of toys associated with Transformers as well.
Well with that we return to the Transformers Prime which is still the hottest series since the Transformers Movies.

This time it's Dreadwing it has already hit Singapore toy shelves.

But the Quantity is still kinda limited.But i managed to get me some and now i'm gonna do a full review of this awesome Decepticon which i find is one of the mightiest and strongest next to Megatron.

And this is Dreadwing !!!!!

Well i must say the colors on Dreadwing first of all is truly awesome. The Dark purple color shading is really cool on him with bits of yellowish gold tone on his entire body. The color combination is truly fantastic.

I think this is one of the Decepticons which will be one of the most popular because of the design and it's unique personality. And i personally feel Dreadwing also looks like a Dark samurai lord because of his sharp edge on his shoulders and his overall outlook.

And this is the back of Dreadwing with his wings folded at the back. 

And this is Dreadwing with his Sword just like in the animated series which he is featured and his weapon of choice most of the time.

I think Transformers Robots with swords has weapons has a unique touch to this Transformers Prime series which has been dedicated completely to a whole new level of Robot creation for the Transformers.

And as you can see here he is connected with 2 types of weapons a Spring type of action cannon and  the sword. These are the 2 weapons found in the package when you get Dreadwing.

Well i'd rather he having the sword alone as that makes it more authentic and suitable for this particular character.

In this above picture you can see something point out of his back straight.

Well that comes with the next picture below .....

Here in the picture above you can see how the 2 weapons combine together to go behind his back.

It's actually attached very well but makes Dreadwing rather heavy and hard to balance to make a pose.

And just look at the above picture of Dreadwing !!!! The closeup !!!! Yes he looks exactly like himself in the animated series as well.

The head is well crafted and painted as well. I like the gold paint on his face going around his fiery red eyes and dark blue colored head. The color combination is perfect.

Well that was the robot mode of Dreadwing above and now i will feature the fun part of this toy and that is the Transformation of Dreadwing to Vehicle mode which is seriously even more awesome !!!! The Vehicle Jet mode is really authentic in design and doesn't really follow other usual Jet modes with other Decepticons.

Well this is it !!!!

The Front Part of Dreadwing's Jet mode is a soft rubbery Material which was made to ensure it doesn' hurt children. So safety was taken to manufacture this toy.

Even the back of Dreadwing as you can see above the back part of the wings are also made with soft elastic rubber.

I particularly like The Decepticon logo on Dreadwing. He is rather unique and the colors of his Decepticon logo Match his Dark Blue colored Wings.

This is the back of Dreadwing !!!! As you can see from this picture the Hands are folded at the back to make it look blasters or should i say Jet exhaust !!!!

As you Can see here in this picture both his weapons can also be attached to him in Vehicle Jet mode as well. Well in this way the Vehicle looks kinda' crowded don't you think. Makes it look kinda' odd but you can take the top weapon away and leave the sword on the side bottom of the wing then it will be fine i guess.

Well the above picture will be the last picture for my review of Dreadwing.

I hope you enjoyed this review and i have also featured a Transformation Video of Dreadwing from  Robot to Vehicle Mode. So please check out this video on Youtube on my channel and subscribe to it.

I will be back again with more reviews very shortly and just hang in there and Merry Christmas !!!!

This is one of my most anticipated review of my favorite Transformers toy Dreadwing. And boy did i have the honor of reviewing him on my Blog review here on Christmas day !!!!

I'll be back people !!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

MOTU Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Action Figure Review !!!!!!

Hello there people i am back with a huge bunch of toys for review and boy have i got tons of work to do for all of you.

But seriously i enjoy sharing it with all of you.

Well with that i have now another new toy from my ongoing collections to be featured and now i shall jump straight into the review without wasting much time for my introduction.

This is the Masters Of The Universe Classics Collections action figure review of Battle Armor Skeletor which i have recently acquired but i though of giving it a bit of a longer review so you guys out there will have an idea what are the details of this toy.

With that this is Battle Armor Skeletor.

The colors on Battle Armor Skeletor are truly awesome. He is really well colored and painted to look exactly like his authentic Classic look from the 80's. If it wasn't for the details being shown people would have easily thought that this was the action figure from the 80's !!!!!

His outlook from behind is also great.The Armor he wears goes well and praportinately with his Body Structure. And the color also blends with his overall outlook as well.

Okay this is actually the fun part the chest armor and the battle damaged chest plates can be removed from Skeletor's body ..... the looks are still all about the same but it doesn't follow the rolling action of the damaged chest plates like this one which was from the 80's classic Battle Armor Action Figure. But it has exactly the same look though and the chest plates can attached individually to suit your style or look of Skeletor with your favorite battle damaged chest plates.

Next i will be showing you the plain action figure of skeletor without this above Chest armor and Battle damaged chest plates.

His whole body internally is colored Purple with a slight metallic touch to it. Now you know exactly how this MOTU Classics Action Figure Works !!!!! with the Battle Armor.

And for this picture above i have changed the single slash chest plate for Skeletor.

And for this picture above it's the double slash !!!!

Well that's how the whole battle armor action works with this new version of Battle Armor Skeletor's 80's remake. Amazing isn't it ???

For the Package of Battle Armor Skeletor he comes with his 3 chest plates and armor and his battle axe like the one for Battle Armor He-man. This time his axe is also purplish in color just like armor's color.

And last but not least the picture below will be the last picture for this particular review.

That is the close up of Skeletor.

Hope you guys out there love this review as much as i have enjoyed presenting it to you.

This is one action figure not to be surpassed !!!! and you should get this guy if you don't already have him. His is really hot selling and i don't think he will be available after this brief offer period from So you gotta get him as soon as possible so that you will avoid disappointment.

Anyways Masters Of The Universe Classics Action figures are always limited in stock and they usually don't make a big amount for the masses like Transformers or other popular toys. Well i do understand that from my perspective as it is a real adult collector's gender and for generations from the 80's who were kids then and now they are all grown up adults and this is a childhood dream for me and for lots others who had grown up with these toys.

So collectors and toy enthusiasts get your collections fast before they are completely phased out completely.

With that i shall end my review and shall return with more interesting toy reviews and surprise collections where all people are anticipating me for a review. Cheerzz people. And thanks Mattel for giving me an awesome figure to buy and to collect.