Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ghostbusters Ready To Believe You Egon Spengler Figurine Review !!!!! Hot Hot Hot !!!!

Hello there people as promised i'm back again with another review of the classic from the Ghostbusters movie but this time it's remade by Mattel in a brand new collection package and i think it's never been released before ....well as far as i know.

This was also one of my childhood memories brought back by this wave of new toys to hit the toy market industry and i really need to get it as to make me relive it all over again and i definitely will no matter what it takes.

It's actually one of my ongoing collections of toys as well with my other toy reviews which i have also collected as well. Well without much commenting i shall begin with this toy review the Ready to Believe you pack Egon Spengler and he comes with the librarian ghost just like in the first Ghostbusters Movie.

Yup this are the 2 Figurines which come in this Ready To Believe you Pack. Awesome isn't it.

And first of all i shall show you just Egon Spengler. The figure is equally awesome as well because of his long surgical jacket. And the material is a soft rubber as well. His tie can be moved as well.

A close up of Egon Spengler shows the awesome accuracy of the toy to the movie version of the actual person. The specs are kinda pasted to his head so don't forcefully try to remove it cos if you do i don't think you can ever put it back on him !!!!

Now i shall show you the Librarian Ghost figurine which comes with this package.

The Colors on this figure is also accurate with the character in the movie itself and the paint job done on this figurine is absolutely fantastic. The purple on the top and the faded luminous pink which comes with the bottom of the Ghost's dress. Mattel has done this masterpiece with real precision and care. No wonder their toys always get sold you fast because of it's real detailed Quality.

Look at this cool closeup of the Ghost !!!!

I say the teeth has even a good set of painted teeth.

This is really a work of art if you'd ask me !!!!

Egon Spengler comes with 3 PKE meters with different angles of the meter engaging in dedecting the ghostly presence !!!!!

And this last picture above will be the end of this action figure pack review. As you can see here from the distance Egon Spengler is showing his PKE Meter. And it's fully activated !!!!

Well this is one awesome figure you gotta get and gotta have i tell ya. The Offer is still on but it won't last too long it will be gone by end of the year and early week of next year so get your Ghostbusters pack before you regret !!!!

Well i'll be back for more reviews so stay rite here !!!!!