Thursday, December 13, 2012

DC Universe Signature Collection Uncle Sam And Dollman Action Figure Review !!!!!

Dear Toy collectors was away for a while out of time to do some great reviews which i thought i could actually do for all of you to see my new toy collections.
Well this is it. Sorry for the delays though.

Just got another toy action figure from and it's none other then the DC Universe Signature collection Uncle Sam with Dollman Action Figure. Well he has already sold out and luckily i got him while he was still available.

Yes this is it Uncle Sam and the miniature size dollman together in one package !!!!

Don't they look awesome !!!!

Uncle Sam's shoes are simply awesomely vintage looking with his star and stripes signature look.

I actually never knew that they would ever come up with a figure like this and colored as well to make it look so iconic. He is simply a great Display item. His fully poseable and every part of his legs and limbs can be moved to fit a specific pose.

The paint Job on him is simply awesome and really done very well.

His hat can't be removed though as it is attached to his head permanently.

His jacket can be removed as well but it's extremely difficult though so don't try to cos it might just be hard to ever to put it back on him or worse still becomes damaged in the process.

Uncle Sam's Look from behind with his blue colored long tuxedo extending beyond his knees.

That is all made of a soft rubbery plastic material which isn't stiff at all but rather easy to bend. But it won't move the position of the tuxedo. It's made to be be able to go back to it's original posture as the toy was designed.

And this is the miniature Dollman and he comes has a rubbery type of figurine which can't be posed !!!! As in his limbs arms and even his red cloak can't be adjusted as well. He just comes with just a permanent postured figure and he is kinda' hard to balance to make a pose as well. But the details done for this action figure is still awesome considering the size of the figure. Good Job Mattel !!!!

The look from behind of his red cloak is like i said it's permanently modeled this way to look like this at all times so don't be disappointed if you think you can move it ????!!!!

And lastly the classic close up look of Uncle Sam like he does on magazines and posters which his star and stripes. Very Patriotic and an icon in the making.

With this ladies and gentlemen i end this somewhat short review and i'll be back for more reviews more consistently and more often. Want i want is to show a whole new world of toy collecting and the artwork of this toys i have as well and how it is simply enjoyable to collect all this awesome looking toys !!!! Cheerzz People !!!!!