Saturday, December 15, 2012

MOTU Classics Frosta Action Figure review !!!!

Hello there people i'm not wasting my time now and trying to give you more frequent reviews of all the latest buzz around the toy market which is going around. And boy have i got a lot of toy reviews for all of you people and collectors out there. This month i will do some unique and most important toys that will cover till end of this year and more reviews for the coming year as well.

Well without further ado i shall introduce to you the classic ice princess called Frosta . She is my latest possession !!!

Look at the very bluish look of Frosta with her blue eyes. She really looks like ice to me !!!

She has a very unique coloration to her. Her head can't be moved though as her hair from behind blocks the way she is supposed to move and turn so in this review i had a bit of a problem to give her some awesome poses. But i have tried my best to show you what she's worth and hope you all can accept that.....

Frosta comes with her Freeze Staff which enables to freeze and make ice tracks for here self. This wheel like thing at the top of the staff can be moved around like a windmill.

But like i said when you put it on her hands she is a bit hard to balance to make this pose which i managed to do to take this picture of hers.

As you can see here above in this picture she comes with her shield as well. The staff and the shield are the only accessories which comes with Frosta's Action figure. No more stuff !!! Else inside the package !!!!

The shield like my earlier posts of other female's in this MOTU Classic line is just a repaint of a mold of an original Shield made to fit the action figures associated with it.

This picture above is the look of Frosta from behind and now you understand why i can't turn her head for a pose !!!! her rubber molded hair gets in the way !!!!

And lastly a clear close up of how Frosta looks like with her blue eyes and her whole entire face. Closely resembles her counterpart in the She-ra series from the 80's.

Well for me i would say i am really that not impressed with this action figure but she is definitely an important character to collect to show that she was actually part of the great rebellion with Adora and the rest of the gang as well.

So it is important to get her to finish the collection.

With that said i end my review here and i will be back here for more reviews very soon so keep it here.

And yes Merry Christmas and a Happy new year as well. New Year new toy collecting as well !!!! Cheerzzz !!!!