Thursday, June 28, 2012

DC Universe Classics Superboy Cool Pictorial Review !!!!!

Hello there toy collectors and toy enthusiasts !!!! I'm back with a new toy review !!!! And that is this cool dude called Superboy !!!! with his cool glasses and a whole new attitude. This toy really has personality in a sense the vivid details and the fact that it is well done then it's previously released counterpart. Superboy is manufactured under the DC Universe Classics toy line.

Just look at that isn't he awesome !!!!! I find this Superboy really cool and much more improved version when what he looked like earlier in my collections i bought more then 16 years ago.

This is much more advanced and detailed in design.

As you can see here in  his arm you can see the muscle definition of his arms and also the cool crumpled jacket type of feel going along with his arms and his body.

I find that really cool as well .

Just giving you a swinging version of how he looks like in a action packed pose. As you can see the front part of the jacket is like it's being blown by the wind, so it goes well with this pose i did with him.

The back of his jacket bears the Superman logo just like Superman. But instead of wearing a cape the logo is imbeded in his jacket.

In this particular pose i did of Superboy i wanted to show you his chest definition with the jacket and his cool glasses on. For your information those glasses as you can see can't be removed from his face. They have pasted it to his sides and it isn't meant to be removed !!!! Well i think that was intentionally done to prevent the small part to choke children.

A full frontal pose and as you can see here his hair is bluish in color and very much the Superboy type of style. Even his hairstyle is kinda' cool compared to Superman which he just a small S on his front of his forehead when his hair is being used when he changes from Clark Kent to Superman !!!!

And as you can see here this is the picture of a close up of his side where you can see the eyes underneath the glasses. They actually did that too but too bad the glasses were not removable. But if you wanted to do that you should get one more other extra Superboy so that you can remove the glasses and cut it off and see how his actual face looks like without his glasses on.

Well this for the moment ends this cool short review of Superboy i'll be featuring some new toys together with my never ending toy reviews of Transformers as well and very hot updates.

So keep it here ..... Cheer zzzzz !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MOTU Classics Action Figures Recieved From Big Bad Toy Store

Just sent you toy lovers and MOTU Classic lovers a box shipment post i received from Big Bad Toy store yesterday. Today i'm gonna show you the contents in the package.It's none other then ..... please see the pictures below.

Yes people i have got Adora !!!! one of the pieces i ordered.

Yes i got Bow as well. Bow is an important character to have from the MOTU as he is always closely fighting alongside the great rebellion also known as the rebels and he is always with Adora and She-ra.Well i think he is a thing for She-ra i guess.

And this classic Bad guy from the Evil Horde.

Yes that's Hordak !!!!

The set of MOTU will never be complete with Hordak has he is the leader of the Horde !!!!

Well in the coming days i will feature more toys i have ordered and more hot toys coming your ways for great reviews and for you toy lovers out there to see and review and compare the various toy s coming out in the 21st century.

Go go toy collectors and lovers.

Masters Of The Universe Classics delivered by BigBadToyStore very promptly !!!!!!!

Hey there people i ordered some of my Masters Of The Universe Classics action figure from BigBadToyStore and boy was i surprised when i got the package early this morning in singapore. I ordered around a week back but they were prompt in delivering the package of toys to me. Amazing isn't it ??? Big Bad Toy Store is definitely one of the toy merchants i recommend for my special rare toy needs which i can order from them.

The package pictures are below.

The BBTS on the package stands for their website which also bears the same name (Big Bad Toy Store).

Well delivered to my doorstep today. So this verifies that Big Bad store is indeed a reliable source for good quality toys and also a very prompt service as well.

They have several payment options as well.

They also give you the details once you have ordered your toys so that you can check the status of your order online.

Well that's for that. But here the interesting part comes in and that is you need to see what i ordered which was in the package in the first place. Well surprise !!!! I'll let you know later in my youtube channel so keep it here.

I'll be updating more toy merchants and orders in this blog for you to get information and sources about where you can get your toys as well. Not only am i reviewing and selling but i'm also giving you other info as well for you toy collectors. Am i nice or what !!!! Cheerzzz !!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Evil-Lyn Picture Review !!!!

Here i have one of the most important figures in the MOTU Classics toyline which is definitely one of my most treasured collections from the past when He-man and the Masters of the universe first began in the early 80's. It's none other then Evil-Lyn.

Evil-Lyn is the loyal witch of skeletor yet she sometimes likes to take situations into her own hands when doing certain critical decisions but yet her magic is never as powerful as Skeletor's yet her dress colors are similar to that of skeletor.

Evil-lyn is one of the most important characters to have in the Bad guys cos she always appears in almost all the series in the 80's as a villain next to skeletor and one of the main Henchmen of skeletor.

As you can see here the back of Evil-Lyn she is very well articulated as a lady like figure and it looks as though her body is that of a real woman. Craftsmanship for this figure is really cool. The lady like features are very intact although it's mostly designed in specific to the 80's animated version of the cartoon itself.

Not that i'm saying i'm a sex fiend but look at the bikini type design of Evil-Lyn's uniform !!!!!

Her cleavage is also done to the detail in specifics to her dressing itself.

But if you were to notice her dressing is somewhat similar to teela's dressing as well but only the colors of her dressing is different that's all.

As you can see here in this picture this is the Magical staff which she holds in her hands and this is what she uses most often to cast her spells just like how Skeletor does with his staff.

The boots on Evil-lyn has a signature for MOTU classics in a sense that they did bring back the old concept of the design from the 80's but a much improved version of the toy design itself. The Classics still retain the old feel of the toys in their 80's version.

And i never thought they would ever make it again ever !!!!!!

A close up of Evil-Lyn's face. Her eyebrows and her lipstick really makes her look Evil and enchanting.

Notice that her make up is greenish in color and her lipstick is kinda glossy pink. Really cool makeup for and evil lady villain.

This is another one of her weapons which is a Knife. Though i have never seen her use it in the cartoon series at all but i think it was just added as an extra weapon thus me doing this pose for her.

This will be the Last picture for this particular review of Evil-Lyn and i hope you enjoyed her pictures and review just as i enjoyed collecting and showing it to you sorry about the videos in youtube i have stopped temporarily before i start uploading latest and vintage toys as well. But i will still continue doing awesome new toy reviews and all other interesting toy collecting stuff as well so keep connected and i'll see you all guys really soon.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Masterpiece Starscream (Robots In Disguise) From Takara Tomy and Hasbro Exclusive in hand images !!!!!

Hello there people today i present to you a Masterpiece in the making from a flea market purchased out of my neighborhood and it's now mostly rare and completely hard to get. I'll review the toy itself when i have more issues of it and i will show you the display of my pictures for my review as well. And this fantastic toy also comes with a display stand and it's a complete replica of the Generation 1 version itself made to perfection to a perfect Masterpiece.

It's the Robots in Disguise Version but the Masterpiece edition.

Well it's none other then the Masterpiece Starscream below this text.

Just look at that it's such an awesome experience having this particular toy in my hands.

If you all guys are interested in this toy please leave me a message or connect to my facebook fanpages if you want to bid or get this figure cos i will be able to get more if there is a chance as well.

In this back of the package as you can see here it shows the Jet version of Starscream when he transforms and it exactly same as the time he was shown in the Generation 1 Animated series in the 80's.

The articulation are all detailed with this exceptional figure which has extreme details and colors which make him so complete. 

Side of the package which show the Jet version also being displayed on the stand as well.

There is also the details of other parts of the Jet form of starscream which can be removed and adjusted as well.

And as you can see here there is 2 heads which comes with this set which can be changed as well for suitability.

The top of the package which shows the Masterpiece Starscream name and also the Decepticon logo as well. 

And last but not least a close up of how he looks like in detail.

The colors and the crafting of this Masterpiece is a real Decepticon classic.

Well share and give me your comments on this particular toy sharing your thoughts and things which you may want to discuss with me and also to make connections with me through my fans for Transformers toys.

More hot updates on some classics which i will be featuring in the next few weeks so keep it here for more interesting updates.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Catra Action Figure Review

I am now going in a different direction in my existing toy collecting passion. I am now collecting all the toys associated with the MOTU (Masters of the Universe) Classics Toy line which has been improved so much from the old vintage collection of the same toys. And i am completely fascinated with this line of action figures which are truly a unique piece of art. You will see what i'm talking about in my next few pictures of this action figure and future Masters Of the Universe toy classics.

This is Catra.She is part of the Evil Horde in the She-ra Series in the 80's Filmation animated cartoon classic. I had to get her as she is one of my favorite characters.

This picture above is the exact look of show she looks like in the She-ra cartoon series.

She comes with several accessories with this package one of them is this set of Shield and the sword which as you can see also has the cat logo. Though i have never seen her use both of this weapons in the cartoon series itself. I guess it was just included in the toy itself.

The boots as you can see is also very well done with nice heels on the back and also some nice coloring coming with it as well.

As you can see from this close up of Catra she doesn't have her face Mask on which has magical powers which can transform her into a panther. Well in the animated series she has her mask on always on the top of her forehead like this next picture below.

The mask is really unique and it fits really well with her head. I thought the mask won't have a good catch with this particular action figure but it did !!!! Well don't bother also adjusting her head too much as it is rather rigid as well. Too much tampering you might just break of the action figure itself which is one of the glitched with this Classics toy editions from Masters Of The Universe.

Here as you can see here her dress fits well with her chest and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

The dress fitting and her hair from the side as well.

The designers behind this particular action figure have taken ample time to really improve and enhance this line of toys with the old concept well intact and i'm really happy they did as i thought they would never come out with it at all.

This here is to give you a focus on the center of her dress which bears the Evil Horde's logo.

A slightly back view of how her hair looks like. It's really not movable but it is absolutely done well like the real hair on a woman.

And last but not least a full back view of her robe and her hair.

I will be featuring more classic action figures as well with this existing collections which i am constantly updating on this toy review blog of mine and there will be more interesting stuff on all the hot toys as well.

Laters Guyzzz !!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DOTM Leader Class Sentinel Prime Picture Review !!!!!

Dear Collectors have been very unsure which toys to review lately so i decided to make one of the earlier leader class toys which i had bought some time back last year and since i haven't done a review on the leader class toys lately other then voyagers and deluxe class toys i will be reviewing leader class toys as well for your collectors. Leader Class toys for Transformers toys are the best as they are more detailed in design and more coll looking as well. As what had brought me to give you a review of this particular toy and pictorial review.

Sentinel Prime !!!!!

For me i think Sentinel Prime is one of the best toys to come out in the DOTM Toy line. And he has very nice bright colors and very well articulated parts and design as well. This toy though is quite big as it is leader class and Sentinel Prime has to be put on display in a very unique shelf if you have one with good lighting to bring out his real charisma !!!!!

Here he is holding his sword. This is the first time i have seen in the movie toy line that a Transformers character is given a very big sword !!!! This sword can be folded as well, to make it fit into his vehicle mode as well.

A look from behind Sentinel Prime's back as you can see are the tow R's which represent the brand of the Rosenbaur Panther Firetruck which is what he transforms into. The best part of Sentinel Prime is when you see him in robot mode it's really hard to see what he actually loks like in vehicle mode as the vehicle mode and the Tires are all well concealed thus not really revealing what his alternate vehicle mode is !!!

The 2 weapons which make Sentinel Prime complete. His shield and his sword !!!!!

Close up of Sentinel Prime. Sentinel Prime has very nice facial features as well. The 2 black horn type of pointy things coming out from his face is really unique. And his head closely resembles Optimus Prime as well. Very well crafted toy as far as i can say. Sentinel Prime is a Masterpiece in the making.

Just combined both his weapons like what is being done for the vehicle attack mode for Sentinel Prime as you will see in the next few pictures below.

Look at that the fantastic attack mode of Sentinel Prime when he transforms into a vehicle. Well what i can say is that this attack mode wasn't featured in the movie but it's a bonus feature for the toy version. It looks so much like a modern attack tank type of vehicle doesn't it !!!!

As you can see from this picture the sides of the back part of the vehicle come out like they have a kind of open cannon attack from behind.

Just to give you a more clearer look from this top view angle as you can see the overall attack mode of Sentinel Prime's Vehicle mode.

This feature is also cool as a display but in this case you must get 2 of them. One to be displayed as a robot and one in this cool attack mode.

Well the next few pictures below is the vehicle mode of Sentinel Prime without the attack mode.

The original Rosenbauer Panther fire truck mode.

Look at this awesome firetruck which is like the real thing !!!! I find this vehicle the most coolest of them all compared to other vehicle in the DOTM Movie line toys. The colors of this Firetruck was well chosen for Sentinel Prime's vehicle mode. It's colors are fantastic the labeling of the vehicle itself and the overall outlook.

Well this would be the last picture for this review of Sentinel Prime more great stuff coming your way as well. I have acquired quite a bit of cool toy collections for the following months and i will feature all type of toys here as well. Transformers will all ways be an all time favorite but this time i'm gonna show you the most hottest toy collections in the market to come by. I will be featuring more fan pages of particular toys as well.

So keep it here and my facebook toy updates as well. Cheerzzz !!!

And go get your Sentinel Prime. It's just awesome toy not to be missed.....