Saturday, June 23, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Evil-Lyn Picture Review !!!!

Here i have one of the most important figures in the MOTU Classics toyline which is definitely one of my most treasured collections from the past when He-man and the Masters of the universe first began in the early 80's. It's none other then Evil-Lyn.

Evil-Lyn is the loyal witch of skeletor yet she sometimes likes to take situations into her own hands when doing certain critical decisions but yet her magic is never as powerful as Skeletor's yet her dress colors are similar to that of skeletor.

Evil-lyn is one of the most important characters to have in the Bad guys cos she always appears in almost all the series in the 80's as a villain next to skeletor and one of the main Henchmen of skeletor.

As you can see here the back of Evil-Lyn she is very well articulated as a lady like figure and it looks as though her body is that of a real woman. Craftsmanship for this figure is really cool. The lady like features are very intact although it's mostly designed in specific to the 80's animated version of the cartoon itself.

Not that i'm saying i'm a sex fiend but look at the bikini type design of Evil-Lyn's uniform !!!!!

Her cleavage is also done to the detail in specifics to her dressing itself.

But if you were to notice her dressing is somewhat similar to teela's dressing as well but only the colors of her dressing is different that's all.

As you can see here in this picture this is the Magical staff which she holds in her hands and this is what she uses most often to cast her spells just like how Skeletor does with his staff.

The boots on Evil-lyn has a signature for MOTU classics in a sense that they did bring back the old concept of the design from the 80's but a much improved version of the toy design itself. The Classics still retain the old feel of the toys in their 80's version.

And i never thought they would ever make it again ever !!!!!!

A close up of Evil-Lyn's face. Her eyebrows and her lipstick really makes her look Evil and enchanting.

Notice that her make up is greenish in color and her lipstick is kinda glossy pink. Really cool makeup for and evil lady villain.

This is another one of her weapons which is a Knife. Though i have never seen her use it in the cartoon series at all but i think it was just added as an extra weapon thus me doing this pose for her.

This will be the Last picture for this particular review of Evil-Lyn and i hope you enjoyed her pictures and review just as i enjoyed collecting and showing it to you sorry about the videos in youtube i have stopped temporarily before i start uploading latest and vintage toys as well. But i will still continue doing awesome new toy reviews and all other interesting toy collecting stuff as well so keep connected and i'll see you all guys really soon.

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