Saturday, June 16, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Catra Action Figure Review

I am now going in a different direction in my existing toy collecting passion. I am now collecting all the toys associated with the MOTU (Masters of the Universe) Classics Toy line which has been improved so much from the old vintage collection of the same toys. And i am completely fascinated with this line of action figures which are truly a unique piece of art. You will see what i'm talking about in my next few pictures of this action figure and future Masters Of the Universe toy classics.

This is Catra.She is part of the Evil Horde in the She-ra Series in the 80's Filmation animated cartoon classic. I had to get her as she is one of my favorite characters.

This picture above is the exact look of show she looks like in the She-ra cartoon series.

She comes with several accessories with this package one of them is this set of Shield and the sword which as you can see also has the cat logo. Though i have never seen her use both of this weapons in the cartoon series itself. I guess it was just included in the toy itself.

The boots as you can see is also very well done with nice heels on the back and also some nice coloring coming with it as well.

As you can see from this close up of Catra she doesn't have her face Mask on which has magical powers which can transform her into a panther. Well in the animated series she has her mask on always on the top of her forehead like this next picture below.

The mask is really unique and it fits really well with her head. I thought the mask won't have a good catch with this particular action figure but it did !!!! Well don't bother also adjusting her head too much as it is rather rigid as well. Too much tampering you might just break of the action figure itself which is one of the glitched with this Classics toy editions from Masters Of The Universe.

Here as you can see here her dress fits well with her chest and it looks absolutely gorgeous on her.

The dress fitting and her hair from the side as well.

The designers behind this particular action figure have taken ample time to really improve and enhance this line of toys with the old concept well intact and i'm really happy they did as i thought they would never come out with it at all.

This here is to give you a focus on the center of her dress which bears the Evil Horde's logo.

A slightly back view of how her hair looks like. It's really not movable but it is absolutely done well like the real hair on a woman.

And last but not least a full back view of her robe and her hair.

I will be featuring more classic action figures as well with this existing collections which i am constantly updating on this toy review blog of mine and there will be more interesting stuff on all the hot toys as well.

Laters Guyzzz !!!!!!!

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