Monday, June 18, 2012

Masterpiece Starscream (Robots In Disguise) From Takara Tomy and Hasbro Exclusive in hand images !!!!!

Hello there people today i present to you a Masterpiece in the making from a flea market purchased out of my neighborhood and it's now mostly rare and completely hard to get. I'll review the toy itself when i have more issues of it and i will show you the display of my pictures for my review as well. And this fantastic toy also comes with a display stand and it's a complete replica of the Generation 1 version itself made to perfection to a perfect Masterpiece.

It's the Robots in Disguise Version but the Masterpiece edition.

Well it's none other then the Masterpiece Starscream below this text.

Just look at that it's such an awesome experience having this particular toy in my hands.

If you all guys are interested in this toy please leave me a message or connect to my facebook fanpages if you want to bid or get this figure cos i will be able to get more if there is a chance as well.

In this back of the package as you can see here it shows the Jet version of Starscream when he transforms and it exactly same as the time he was shown in the Generation 1 Animated series in the 80's.

The articulation are all detailed with this exceptional figure which has extreme details and colors which make him so complete. 

Side of the package which show the Jet version also being displayed on the stand as well.

There is also the details of other parts of the Jet form of starscream which can be removed and adjusted as well.

And as you can see here there is 2 heads which comes with this set which can be changed as well for suitability.

The top of the package which shows the Masterpiece Starscream name and also the Decepticon logo as well. 

And last but not least a close up of how he looks like in detail.

The colors and the crafting of this Masterpiece is a real Decepticon classic.

Well share and give me your comments on this particular toy sharing your thoughts and things which you may want to discuss with me and also to make connections with me through my fans for Transformers toys.

More hot updates on some classics which i will be featuring in the next few weeks so keep it here for more interesting updates.