Thursday, June 28, 2012

DC Universe Classics Superboy Cool Pictorial Review !!!!!

Hello there toy collectors and toy enthusiasts !!!! I'm back with a new toy review !!!! And that is this cool dude called Superboy !!!! with his cool glasses and a whole new attitude. This toy really has personality in a sense the vivid details and the fact that it is well done then it's previously released counterpart. Superboy is manufactured under the DC Universe Classics toy line.

Just look at that isn't he awesome !!!!! I find this Superboy really cool and much more improved version when what he looked like earlier in my collections i bought more then 16 years ago.

This is much more advanced and detailed in design.

As you can see here in  his arm you can see the muscle definition of his arms and also the cool crumpled jacket type of feel going along with his arms and his body.

I find that really cool as well .

Just giving you a swinging version of how he looks like in a action packed pose. As you can see the front part of the jacket is like it's being blown by the wind, so it goes well with this pose i did with him.

The back of his jacket bears the Superman logo just like Superman. But instead of wearing a cape the logo is imbeded in his jacket.

In this particular pose i did of Superboy i wanted to show you his chest definition with the jacket and his cool glasses on. For your information those glasses as you can see can't be removed from his face. They have pasted it to his sides and it isn't meant to be removed !!!! Well i think that was intentionally done to prevent the small part to choke children.

A full frontal pose and as you can see here his hair is bluish in color and very much the Superboy type of style. Even his hairstyle is kinda' cool compared to Superman which he just a small S on his front of his forehead when his hair is being used when he changes from Clark Kent to Superman !!!!

And as you can see here this is the picture of a close up of his side where you can see the eyes underneath the glasses. They actually did that too but too bad the glasses were not removable. But if you wanted to do that you should get one more other extra Superboy so that you can remove the glasses and cut it off and see how his actual face looks like without his glasses on.

Well this for the moment ends this cool short review of Superboy i'll be featuring some new toys together with my never ending toy reviews of Transformers as well and very hot updates.

So keep it here ..... Cheer zzzzz !!!!!!!!!