Saturday, June 2, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Orko Toy in hand, with secret Action Figure Enclosed !!!!!!

Hello there toy collectors i have been always hunting for toys and for some reason i have picked up another big thing which i was collecting when i was a kid and it was actually one of the hardest to get during my time and it was also discontinued for a long range of time because the series and the movies just didn't pull through much after that and this just was flushed down the toilet never to return....well that's what i thought and suddenly out of no where this just returned back with a huge bang and it has returned with a great big comeback and i have made a vow to collect at least 95% or even 100% of the whole collection if i can. The packaging and the entire re-make of this all time classic has surprised me and it has re-incarnated my old memories of it entirely and has blown me away. 

It's non other then the Masters Of The Universe Classics. This has turned out to be a toy once again and now in a much classic and authentic look. Wow.

Well this is the figure i am talking about in the next few pictures. It's non-other then the Masters Of The Universe Classics Orko !!!!! Yes, you heard me Orko !!!!! The picture is below.

This version of the figures for Masters Of The Universe they had come out with an authentic cover for the toy package it self. The toy comes with it sealed in the box like the one you see in my picture. And outside of this package in white bares the name of the character inside the package.

And as you can see here from my package this is Orko !!!! Well i don't have to say much about it. If you don't have Orko you can never make your Masters Of The Universe collection complete, and luckily i have it !!!!

And this is the back of the Package which bears the Bio of Orko, with a brief history and origins of the character. This is new for the Masters Of The Universe toys compared to last time where this Bio didn't particularly come along with the toy.

And behind has you can see there are other figures as well which are being shown like Man-At-Arms and other figures as well.

And as you can see here in my close up of Orko there is a display stand for him to be displayed and a book of spells for him as well. The book is a unique addition for this figure which i find is worth buying.

And can you see Prince Adam lying at the bottom under him. Well that was the secret figure which comes along with Orko !!!! You won't be able to buy Prince Adam seperately. he comes with Orko. So you gotta get Orko !!!!

A more closer look of Prince Adam. He is very well concealed and packed very well. You won't really be able to notice him if you didn't look properly. So this was a double surprise and a double happiness as well. As this was one of the most favorite figure as well. Cos if you don't got Prince Adam you can't change him to He-man. And this is especially the most important character of all including Orko who always appears in almost all He-man episodes in the 80's.

And last but not least the back of the Package !!!!

I will be featuring other toys from Masters Of The Universe classics as well. So keep it here at my blog where i'm gonna show you all the great collections of mine making you Drool over it .... er... just kidding. Well i'm gonna fascinate you in a couple of weeks with other new and authentic toy collections experience !!!!

So get ready !!!!

Cheerzzz !!!!

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