Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Starwars Episode 1 Year 1999 Action figures !!! Absolute vintage Review of my collection !!!!

Dear Toy fans and Starwars lovers out there i wanted to share with you some of my absolutely vintage Starwars action figure which i have kept some many years ago. I bought all this action figure back in 1999 !!!!

Yes you got that right .... I have kept them all along for my own personal collection and never sold them.These version of the figures were never manufactured again (well as for now). But i still think this is one of the few classic action figures which were the key characters back in 1999 when the Episode 1 was first released.

Well i bought as many as i could so that  i could sell some and keep some. Well the ones i'm gonna show you are the one i have kept all along and all this while and i wanna share them with you. So enjoy the vintage collection back in 1999 !!!!!

This figure below is Mace Windu !!!!!

I bought this figure in a limited edition box which i personally collected from Hasbro. It was actually manufactured under the Kenner Label originally. One of the most exciting figure i had at that time.

Even the hood covering his head is done in very accurate detail like as it is folded down neatly to fit his cape !!!!

Even back in 1999 even the action figure resembled the actor itself with it's details of the face.It was a great job done. At that time that was Samuel L. Jackson.

The Next figure below is Captain Tarpals. The Gungan warrior.

I find this Figure to be absolutely fabulous for the fact that it's one of the most authentic and very detailed uniforms for the character itself. The colors are absolutely nice and the uniform is really fantastic !!!!
Hasbro has done a fantastic job with this one. Back in 1999.

The staff in his hands are absolutely removable. 

The back of the action figures bares his ears like long scaly fins which are also done in very great detail.

As you can see here Captain Tarpal's close range shot is also great as a toy . The details are very much the same as in the movie !!!!

And who can ever forget this character which i'm gonna show you below. The character and the mother of all characters which started it all !!!!

Queen Amidala

This was the actual dress she wore in the opening of the Starwars Episode 1 saga and followed by other authentic dresses she wore throughout the movie !!!!!

Side view of Queen Amidala is also great as a pose as you can see the very detailed part of her upper sleeves and overall dress as well.

Queen Amidala's Dress also looks great. Look at the mini circles around the back of her dress. It's all part of the design of the dress which was made intentionally as in the movie where she was featured.

Queen Amidala's front part close up is also great with her signature make up and hair do's and also her long robe and necklace around her front part of the dress which are really made to the details as in the movie !!!!

Queen Amidala was a great creation for the Episode 1 Franchise as it was a whole new direction for the storyline with the beginning of the Starwars saga....

Well very much said the next figure below was the most captivating for me back in 1999 was the ultimate villain !!!! called Darth Maul !!!!

What captivated me to collect him was for the fact of his uniquely painted face and a really evil look and a great new villain in the making for the Starwars Saga as well.

Well this is it Darth Maul below !!!!

This version of Darth Maul is the version where he is wearing his full cape all covered in disguise while hunting for the Jedi's in the desert in tatooine, like in the movie. And of course his light saber in red.

The back of Darth Maul is also fantastic with the details of his hood over his head and the long black robe which he wears.

And lastly here a close up of his face. Well what can i say it's also done very well considering the technology back almost a decade ago when this original toy was being manufactured.

I hope this brings you some information on all the different characters from the original toy line from Starwars episode 1 back in 1999. I will show you more figures and toys back in 1999 and earlier if i have them with me and more great reviews and pictures coming your way ....... Cheerzzz !!!