Thursday, May 24, 2012

G.I.JOE Retaliation Ninja Commando 4x4 with Grappling Hook Launcher Review !!!!

Hi there people wanna give you a new direction in my brand new toy collection. G.I.JOE. Yes yes yes !!!!. Actually i just wanted to make toy reviews if possible just Transformers but i ended up collecting this as well. The reason why i'm saying this is because the brand new G.I.JOE Retaliation Collection has some pretty cool vehicles and action figures which tempted me so much that i ended up looking at them and finally buying them as well. The toys this time Hasbro made for G.I.JOE is pretty awesome and very cool. Although the Vehicles and action figures are kinda' limited but it's all good. It will be a good collection to keep as when other new toys come out for G.I.Joe there in the future you will still have this present toy collection in hand.

So without further ado this is the Ninja Commando 4x4 With grappling hook Launcher !!!! And i must tell you it comes with the Snake eyes action figure as well to put inside the Driver's seat but no weapons though for the action figure.

Cool isn't it. The way the vehicle is designed it has a well colored and it is superbly designed. The torpedo launcher is on the top with a missile. The missile can be fired with a press of the button just behind it. And the string is attached to the missile so that it doesn't travel that far away!!!!

Took this picture to make it look as though it's travelling in grassy land.

Even the front part of the vehicle is amazing the spotlights and the spoilers and the huge tires make it look so rugged and tacky.

A Full side view to make you have a view of the angle of articulation of the vehicle from it's rear up to the front part of the vehicle. The big tires are the most awesome looking. The overall design of the vehicle looks like a Attack Jeep tank !!!!

Do take note that the stickers GI.Joe BQxxxx are all sticker labels which comes with this toy in the package. You gotta stick it on the vehicle it doesn't come with this labels.

And a look from behind which looks like Exhaust pipes and storage space.

The next few pictures below will be snake eyes the action figure which comes with this vehicle in the package. It's amazing and the Figure cant be put into the vehicle for him to drive as well.

And this will end my review with this picture above....well what more can i say go get this vehicle. It will be a hot seller and if you don't get it. It will be soon gone. I will be reviewing the action figures and the latest G.I.Joe toy line very soon so keep it here as more hot toys keep coming up !!!!