Monday, May 14, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Knockout long review !!!!

After a long and tiring week i have decided to review the only toy which is really the hottest of them all to be newly released. Well at least at my side this is one of the Transformers Prime most eagerly anticipated release. And i straight away went to buy 4 of it. Yes you heard me 4 of it !!! I know that this toy will be hard to come by after it's official release as it's really rare or should i say in limited quantity.

Well here he is Knockout !!!!!

As you can see here Knockout has a very well balanced bright reddish color with maroon in sides and center as well but if you compare him with the looks of his animated version there are some detailed colors lacking in general but the shape of him in this toy version is only around 70 percent i would say. There were lots more details which were missed !!!!

I like this particular picture of Knockout. I think it's very cool. It makes him look very sinister !!!

And as far as i am concerned Knockout is a cool Decepticon like this toy itself !!!!

How about that a very personal close up of knockout !!!!

And a look from behind !!!!!

Next i am gonna show you some poses of Knockout with his spear type of weapon.

Which is shown below this heading.

And the most unique thing for Knockout's weapon it can be attached behind his body !!! Pretty neat stuff there. The picture is likewise below.

And the next is the coolest vehicle of them all. Knockout's car mode which is a kind of Mustang looking kind of car. With a bit of tinted paint at the sides.

Well as for this view from the back i think it's a bit left very plain with no paint job done on it. They could have enhanced the paint job with more nice detailed colors for the car mode to make it look realistically cool and detailed !!!!

The hole made at the side of the car is for slotting the weapon into the attack mode of the vehicle which is actually kinda weird because Knockout's vehicle mode is good without the weapon which brings to my next few pictures the attack mode !!!!

This picture will end my review of Knockout. Well i have noticed something about the decepticons in the deluxe versions at least ... that i do not have decepticon logos on them at all. I wonder whether it's done intentionally or is it that hasbro actually missed it while doing their toys ??? Well i hope you fans and collectors out there can shed some light into this matter. 

For me what i would say is collect all Transformers Prime figures has they are hot hot hot !!!!! Go get knockout as soon as possible before it gets sold out like the First Editions !!!