Saturday, May 12, 2012

Transformers Prime First Edition Voyager Optimus Prime Long review Exclusive !!!!

Dear fans and collectors out there i must sincerely apologize for the recent non posting for a week now as i am busy with my stuff and other things as well. But rest assured i'll be doing more reviews at this blog in the coming days consistently. I recently acquired some new stuff which i will be reviewing either tomorrow or the day after for you to be in the know. Well this is a much delayed review of this particular character which i had bought some time back but i had to make it a review as i am trying to make it a full collection of toys from the Transformers Prime animated series. 

Well without furthur delays this is Optimus Prime !!!!                         

The First edition Voyager.

As you can see from this picture Optimus Prime in this First Edition version of himself as a very brightly colored body and the paint finishing is extremely good, well you can see that from my pictures of the toy itself.

This first edition version of Optimus looks so much like the animated series itself, don't you think.

Just made this pose to show the balance and stability of the toy itself and i think it's really good in balance and this pose looks cool on Optimus Prime !!!!

A cool sidekick !!!!!!!!

Some nasty poses with his blade !!!!

Next i wanna show you the different poses i made of him with his cannon looking gun and i think you might consider it cool !!!!!

The right side of his arm bears the Autobot logo.

A look of Optimus Prime from behind. Even the look from behind looks cool !!! the colors are all very nice and well balanced.

And a very close shot of Optimus Prime's face !!!!

Next i will show the Vehicle mode of Optimus Prime which is even more awesome and really cool and it's very well designed and looks exactly like what it does in the animated series as well.

As you can see from this picture the sword and the gun can be fitted at the back of Optimus Prime's vehicle mode. It's also partially a type of an attack mode !!!!

And this is the actual attack mode of the vehicle mode where the gun is fitted at the center of the truck with the barrel facing outwards.

And the next picture will be the last picture for this particularly long review, and you would know by know what to expect !!!!

Let me tell you something for Optimus Prime the First Edition version is one of the best of the whole lot of Transformers Prime Figures as it is really well painted and done so much in detail with close similarities with the series itself.

Well as for now the First Edition Version of  Optimus Prime is really hard to come by or get as it's predecessor Robots in Disguise version of Optimus Prime is now available. But if you didn't get it .....oh god it's a shear waste as it's really nice and cool !!!! Well enough said get ready for more reviews coming your way very soon. Cheerzzz !!!!