Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Transformers Movie Barricade with Frenzy !!!!!

It seems that even though i am reviewing the latest toys for collection i never fail to also show you some old stuff from time to time just to make you people know the different toys which were available earlier.For example this particular toy character which i bought almost 5 years ago i never regretted one bit keeping him as he was one of my favorite characters to appear in the First Transformers Movie franchise. Well this is none other then Barricade !!!!

Although there were constant re-manufacture of this particular guy for the latest movie as well but i still find that this version from the First movie to be the best.

And this next picture below this line will be the main reason why i found this toy to be the most interesting !!!! That is because his trusty Sidekick comes out from his chest !!!

Frenzy !!!!!

As you can see here this is what which is cool about Barricade !!!

Next Few pictures im gonna show you the fantastic vehicle mode of Barricade !!! The Saleen Police car mode !!! I find this vehicle mode to be simply awesome because of it's unique design and coloring of the car itself and the toy version simply look so accurate to the movie itself !!!!

As you can see here this is the opening at the front where Frenzy sits into barricade in vehicle mode he springs out when Barricade transformers into robot mode. 

And the above picture will be the last picture for the review of Barricade. I am very happy to have shared with you some old toys as then i can relate to all the toy collectors and fans which missed this toy before and didn't buy it.

Although this toy isn't available for sale but you can get it online or smoewhere but the price will be expensive. Well as promised the next few days brace yourselves for more amazing toy reiews and latest stuff  as well. I am now posting quite frequently again and i want to pick up speed and steam for making this blog exciting for all toy collectors worldwide !!!! Cheerzzz !!!!